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9 reasons to check out The Harbor Raw Bar & Lounge

Some places in the Hamptons can feel a little stuffy. Others want you to party all night and eat lobster grilled cheeses. Luckily for you, The Harbor Raw Bar & Lounge, new this Summer, is one of the latter places. Here are nine reasons to get yourself there.

1. Sharing is caring... and delicious

This place is for friendship. The menu is divided into “Nibbles”, “Small Plates”, and “Sweets”, with all sections created with sharing in mind. That means you can eat the whiskey tarragon-sauced Drunken Lobster, the Surf n’ Turf Tacos (fried flounder & spicy pork!), and the String Bean Tempura with lemon aioli and still have room to try MORE things.

Harbor Bar Area
Luke Williams

2. After you dine, you can get down

It’s a long trek out to Montauk, and Harbor wants you to make the most of it. When your mood changes from diner to dance floor hero, you don’t have to change locations. At 10:30pm, the space turns into a DJ-fueled club, and the menu switches to “Midnight Snacks”. Important: that means lobster grilled cheese and short rib sliders.

3. Two words: fried chickpeas. Trust us.

Instead of bread, Harbor dishes out fried chickpeas, which taste like a magical mix of Corn Nuts, funnel cake, Cajun fries, and happiness.

4. They have some serious cocktail game

Harbor makes its own tonic water, grenadine, and flavored syrups to mix up their twists on the classics, like their Harbor G&T with rosemary-infused tonic and cucumber. Drinks are made with fruit purees and homemade bitters, never with bottled sour mix, so you can feel great about the fact that you’ve had more than you can count.

5. Don’t worry, be happy

The décor at Harbor is cheery without being cheesy. Quotes pop up in unlikely places, reminding you that “Everything’s Better at the Sea” or that the world is your oyster. These touches, and the colorful circus lights that line the outdoor area, will make you feel all “No Worries”.

6. These people don’t cut corners

Chef Pierre Rougey is no slacker. He pickles his own onions, makes his own ketchup, and he’s been cooking that slow-roasted pork in your tacos for approximately a hundred years (okay, 48 hours). The attention to detail extends from the food to the atmosphere. Even the "choking" sign is beach-appropriate.

7. You could spend all day here

Oyster happy hour starts at 3:30pm and offers half-priced oysters and wine in addition to the recently launched bar menu, just in case those fried chickpeas aren’t enough.

8. There’s live music all week

Harbor hosts live music events -- everything from acoustic sets during the week to electronic and hip-hop jams. On weekends, DJ Stretch Armstrong is the DJ-in-residence, and he’ll be mixing it up all Summer.

9. You’re keeping it local

Chef Rougey says his favorite thing about working in Montauk is that he deals directly with the fishermen and uses as many local ingredients he can. That means that the “Surf” in your Surf n’ Turf Tacos is hand-selected on the dock outside, the veggies are from those picturesque farms you passed on your way to Montauk, your oysters are from Three Mile Harbor, and there’s Montauk Brewing Co. beer on tap. See? You’re not a weekender.