The Best Food Trucks in Houston, and Where to Find Them

Whether they’re providing you some workday sustenance, or scratching a late-night food itch after a few too many hours at the bar, Houston food trucks are there for you. That said, while we fully believe that any food truck is a good food truck when you’re hungry and in a pinch, there are definitely some that wheel and deal harder than the rest -- and you need to know where to find them if you expect to reap the fruits of their labor. We’ve broken out the best food trucks in Houston below, as well as the places they usually hang out and what you’ll want to order once you track them down.

Note: This article covers mobile food trucks, and does not include any of the awesome permanently parked taco trucks and stands like Tacos Tierra Caliente and El Taconazo (because then this list would be entirely taco trucks, really). To find those and more, check out our guide to the Best Tacos in Houston.

Crispy or Grilled

Forget that one chicken chain that you find yourself craving every Sunday -- this food truck’s bird is where it’s at. As its name suggests, you can get your chicken crispy or grilled, but as it doesn’t quite suggest, you can also get it smothered in buffalo and bleu cheese, stuffed into tacos with jalapeno ranch, or chopped up and loaded into an IG-worthy waffle cone. 
Where to find it: This chicken truck keeps things mostly in the loop; Need some now? Find the truck by following its Facebook.

Eatsie Boys

Houston's longest running chef-driven truck still works the streets from time to time, but the sprawling yard of 8th Wonder Brewery (a sibling establishment) is its home base. It makes sense, then, that its "intergalactic" eats would make the perfect companion to beer -- tricked out waffle fries loaded with bbq pork and elotes, oozy pimento grilled cheese and juicy burgers, and Texas-style Cubans. Pop in for a $6 burger & fries happy meal from 3-7pm, Monday through Thursday.
Where to find it: Parked a the oh-so wonderful 8th Wonder Brewery in EaDo, or check its other possible whereabouts on Facebook

Gyro King

With its owners originally hailing from NYC, this Med Center food truck is a welcome addition to what was once a dining no man’s land. The focus here is on Mediterranean and halal street eats, including (but not limited to) chicken and rice, spot-on falafel, and gyros piled with lamb, chicken, fish, and chapli kebab. All of it is served with a hefty dose of white sauce and red sauce, as is tradition.
Where to find it: Hit it up at 2424 Old Spanish Trail ‘til 2am on weekends and midnight on weekdays

Flip ‘N Patties

This longtime food truck favorite recently went brick and mortar, opening up in the new Understory food hall in Downtown. While that’s great news, and you’ll now know exactly where to find awesome Filipino food, the even better news is that the truck still operates as a mobile caterer. Next-level Filipino street eats come in the form of crispy lumpia (pork egg rolls), pak pak chicken wings, and gourmet akaushi burgers served on soft and pillowy scratch-made steamed buns.
Where to find it: Use it for mobile catering, or check out its hot new brick and mortar in Downtown’s Understory.

The DoughCone

Doin’ it for the ‘gram is one thing, but these DoughCones are actually worth swooning over. Part doughnut, part ice cream cone, the sweet pastry cones get a cinnamon-sugar coat on the outside, and the inner lining comes flavored with Nutella or Biscoff Cookie Butter. Fill it with swirled organic milk ice cream and add all the unlimited toppings you please, from Oreos and Gummy Bears to blackberries and toasted coconut flakes. 
Where to find it: All around town (including Buffalo Bayou Park); look up the truck’s current location on Instagram or Facebook.

The Cuban Spot

Paper-thin milanesa steak and mayo potato sticks stuffed into-just toasted Cuban bread. Pulled pork, ham, Swiss, mustard, and pickles smashed into a garlic butter panini. And a burger patty made with chorizo, pork, ground beef, and steak finished with habanero aioli and sweet plantain. Do we need to go on, or do the sandwiches here speak for themselves? 
Where to find it: Honestly, this truck’s location spans all the cardinal directions. Do yourself a favor and scope it out online before you head over.

Oh My Gogi! BBQ

Houstonians have been going gaga for gogi since the way back days of 2011. That’s because the truck combines two things Houstonians love: Korean food, and Mexican food. The truck’s Korexican flavors are undeniably legit, from the cult favorite bulgogi-topped OMG! Fries to kimchi quesadillas. 
Where to find it: Favorite haunts include UH and Market Square; follow along its whereabouts on Facebook, and look out for it at permanent spots across Houston, including Katy Asiatown and Market Square.


This food trucks sells "Mexican cuisine with Korean in between" -- which we’ve already established is something Houstonians are obsessed with. If you’re still not sure what that means, here’s a hint: your tacos, burritos, and fries will have things like Korean-style beef, chicken and tofu, kimchi, guac, and "el scorcho" sauce on them. 
Where to find it: You’ll find these guys out almost every night all around town, with an updated schedule listed on the website.

The Waffle Bus

Waffle sandwiches are the food you never knew you needed. Good for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the sweet and savory treats come off this truck loaded with classic combos from Nutella and banana to buttermilk fried chicken and honey butter (which is kissed with ancho chile, obviously, because this is Houston). 
Where to find it: The truck pops in at bars throughout Midtown and EaDo for your eating pleasure, but you can also look out for its new brick-and-mortar locale in the Heights.

Sticky’s Chicken

This chicken truck serves up food you won’t mind getting your fingers sticky over. The popular truck will be opening up a permanent location in Sawyer Yards soon, but you’ll also find the goods on UberEATS if you want to smash sweet and spicy sticky wings, sauce-smothered nuggets and fries, and messy chicken over rice without having to actually put on pants.
Where to find it: Posted up outside McIntyre’s, in Sawyer Yards, or on UberEATS.

Muiishi Makirritos

Chicken karaage burritos, bulgogi quesadillas, and krabby patty “makirritos” (hand rolls stuffed with katsu soft shell crab) are all a thing at this Asian-fusion food truck. You can usually find its Japanese Korean Tex-Mex bites at fun bars like Kirby Ice House, Truck Yard and Social Beer Garden, which is good, because sushi rice-stuffed burritos go really well with beer.
Where to find it: Check out the updated schedule on its website.

The Burger Joint

Though this food truck went brick-and-mortar (with a big outpost in Montrose and one soon to open in the Heights), the truck still dishes out hand-crafted burgers on soft, squishy buns. All are made with locally sourced Texas beef from 44 Farms and topped with goodness including bacon, jalapenos, fried egg, and chipotle mayo. Don’t forget the bacon-parm fries.
Where to find it: Catch the truck at places like UH and McIntyres or take advantage of its catering services around the Houston area

Black Market Burritos

These aren’t your daddy’s burritos, if your daddy ever made burritos. The no border-blockbusters coming out of this food truck are monster in both size and flavor, with fillings from the classy -- think chicken tikka masala, fried cauliflower and tzatziki, and steak and black bean verde -- to the downright dirty...we’re looking at you, Hot Cheeto Bling. 
Where to find it: A frequent visitor at bars like Truck Yard and Wicklow Heights, follow the trucks whereabouts on Facebook.


With a location inside Craft Beer Cellar and a mobile eatery that parks itself at spots from Axelrad and 11 Below to Post Oak and Greenway Plaza, Wokker HTX mixes traditional Asian dishes with old-fashioned Southern cooking. That means you can stuff your gut with miso ranch fried chick’n bites, bonito brussels sprouts, smoked brisket Pad Thai, and CFS katsu.
Where to find it: Score the updated schedule on its website.

Eaker BBQ

Thank whatever higher power you do or don’t believe in that you live in a city like Houston, where you can get your fill of Texas-style, slow-smoked meats straight from a truck. The husband and wife duo pit smokes real deal brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage and turkey to star in meat plates and sammies along with creamed corn, potato salad, borracho beans, and ‘slaw. 
Where to find it: From Truck Yard to NRG, follow the smoke on Facebook.

Mico’s Hot Chicken

This fried bird purveyor takes inspiration from one of the OGs of Nashville hot chicken, the original Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville, TN. You’ll find the truck slinging its red hot bird sammy -- plus stuff like hot chicken loaded waffle fries -- at the Galleria Food Truck Park.
Where to find it: 2829 Chimney Rock.

Foreign Policy Food Truck

This worldly food truck works it all into its menu, from fries loaded with melty queso, kimchi and Korean bbq beef to a Mexican burger loaded with spiced beef, pork fajitas and mind-numbingly hot green salsa. There's also a donut bacon cheeseburger, which we’re guessing comes fully from the American side of the menu.
Where to find it: Downtown, Pearland, and the Heights are just a few of the neighborhoods it hits up; and Facebook is the best place to find out where the truck will be slinging the goods next.

Cousins Maine Lobster

You may have seen this food truck get funded on a little-known show named Shark Tank -- and if it’s good enough for Barbara Corcoran, it’s good enough for us. Check it out at spots like Midtown, the Galleria, and the Museum District to get badass, Maine-style lobster rolls that are way tastier and fresh than the lobster rolls you aren’t making for yourself right now.
Where to find it: All around town (in and out of the loop); the current food truck schedule is conveniently listed online in calendar form.

Kurbside Eatz

This standby has been hittin’ the pavement since 2011, giving hungry Houstonians their fill of tacos, quesadillas, and hotdogs with a Kurbside twist -- think cream cheese- and honey mayo-topped wieners and marinated ribeye tacos in a thick, crispy tortilla. The Asian fusion treats make the perfect companion to booze, which is why the truck frequents spots like Saloon Door Brewing, Little Woody’s, Buffalo Bayou Brewing, and Rosewater Clear Lake.
Where to find it: A rotating selection of bars, which you can narrow down by checking Kurbside’s Facebook page.

True Dog Houston

Formerly known as YoYo’s Hot Dog, this food truck now has a permanent spot at The Ice Barn in Sugar Land. That’s where you can get your hot dog loaded “all the way,” i.e. drizzled and smothered with cream cheese, curry ketchup, sriracha, honey mayo, pepper, and onions two ways (caramelized and fried). Cheeseheads can skip all that in lieu of cheese sauce, paprika, and crushed Cheetos, or get their fix in the form of BBQ brisket cheese fries.
Where to find it: 15910 Old Richmond Road.

Pho-jita Fusion

Thai meets Mexican at this no-passport required food truck. Try the Thai-males, chicken curry quesadillas, and traditional dishes like beef pho Thai and Thai red curry. 
Where to find it: A frequent flyer in Greenway Plaza and the Galleria, check its Facebook or Twitter to find out where the truck will be dishing out its fusion goodness next.

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Brooke Viggiano is a Houston-based food writer who can’t decide if she wants bulgogi cheese fries or kimchi quesadillas right now. Help her decide @brookeviggiano on Twitter or @brookiefafa on IG.
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