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The 16 Best Food Trucks in Houston

Published On 03/16/2015 Published On 03/16/2015

Though any food truck is a good food truck, there are definitely some that fly above the rest (note: none of these trucks actually fly, though if one of them did, that would be even better). For example, you'll have a hard time topping these 16 badass Houston food trucks.

Brooke Viggiano/Thrillist

Ladybird Food Truck

Global-inspired street foods like chicken tikka tacos, kimchi sausages, and dreamy-as-hell truffle tots are worth putting your pants on to leave the house. Seriously, put some pants on.

H-Town StrEATS

Houston favorites like Frito pie, boudin balls, and CFS sliders are allllllll on the menu at this fat kid’s fantasy truck. But don’t be afraid to step outside of Houston for things like the Chicago Dog or the Nashville Sammich. Look out for a new menu this spring.

Pi Pizza Truck

Pi Pizza Truck

With delivery AND late night hours, these whacked-out pizza geniuses have served many an inebriated Houstonian in need. Get huge-as-all hell slices loaded with cheeseburger stuffs, Fritos, and soppressata.

Flip 'n Patties

Flip ‘N Patties

These two cousins -- who consider themselves a modern day Cheech & Chong, which is pretty fantastic on its own -- take Filipino street food to a new level. Get house-ground burgers loaded with Spam and sweet aoili, chicken & pork-stuffed siopao, and mayo-loaded fries -- because they are all amazing.

Koagie Hots

Forget Philly -- a Korean-style kimchi-and-spicy-mayo-smothered cheesesteak is where it’s at. So are kimchi-and-spicy-mayo-covered fries and kimchi-and-spicy-mayo-covered hot dogs.

Brooke Viggiano/Thrillist

Tacos Tierra Caliente

The best part about this taco truck, besides the fact that you can down, like, five tacos with some beer at West Alabama Ice House, is watching your friends burn the crap out of their mouths when they mistake the green salsa for guacamole. Stupids.

The Modular

The Modular

Because when a mobile eatery knocks out chef-driven cuisine like roasted bone marrow and lobster risotto, you find it. The truck, run by Chicken Ranch owner Josh Martinez and crew, was just selected as the only Houston rep for the SXSW Southbites Trailer Park this year. Come back soon, guys.

Oh My Gogi! BBQ

Oh My Gogi! BBQ

Fact: Houstonians love Mexican food. Double fact: Houstonians love Korean food. If a is equal to b and b is equal to... forget it. We suck at math. Just know that this truck’s Korexican eats are on fleek.


This food trucks sells "Mexican cuisine with Korean in between" -- which we just established is something Houstonians like, like two seconds ago. But if you’re still not sure what that means, it means your tacos, burritos, and fries will have will have things like twice-cooked BBQ pork, kimchi, and "el scorcho" sauce on them.

Brooke Viggiano/Thrillist

The Waffle Bus

Raise your hand if you like waffles. Raise your hand if you like waffles sandwiched with things like buttermilk fried chicken & ancho honey, smoked salmon, and chocolate ganache & toasted marshmallow. No, not all together, you weirdo. Put your hand down.

Kurbside Eatz

Kurbside Eatz

Here, comfort food gets an Asian twist... and sometimes a Mexican twist when the truck feels like it. Find it to get your fill of triple-cheese curry burgers, chicken udon, and "TV dinner" tacos packed with ribeye, chimichurri, and corn mash.

Foreign Policy

Three words: Donut. Bacon. Cheeseburger.

Muiishi Makirritos

Muiishi Makirritos

Head here to eat all of the mac & cheese-stuffed egg rolls, Asian chicken nuggets, and Pork Belly Bunz you can handle. Then take some more mac & cheese-stuffed egg rolls to-go, because they exist and therefore you should definitely do that.


Bernie’s Burger Bus

The king of burgers may have gone brick-and-mortar, but the big yellow school bus is still roaming the streets. Get your fill of beautifully sloppy burgers, all made with daily-ground black Angus stuffed into scratch-made buns.

The Golden Grill 

We know. We know. You make the best grilled cheese, like ever. Just try a Buffalo chicken- or carnitas-loaded cheese bomb from this grilled cheese truck and get back to us on that claim.


Cousins Maine Lobster

This Shark Tank-funded truck may be new to the scene, but we can guarantee you that its badass lobster rolls that are way more excellent than the lobster rolls you aren’t making for yourself right now.

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