The 31 best pizzas in Houston: a hood-by-hood guide

If you want to be respected by your peers, it is critical to know where to find the best pizza at a moment's notice. This is also a valuable skill if you want to eat pizza. To help in that department, we've hand (and mouth) selected the 31 finest pie-slingers in Houston, broken down by neighborhood for your geographical convenience.

Downtown Best Pizzas HOU
Phoenicia Specialty Foods


Bombay Pizza Co.
914 Main St #105
What you’ll find: Ultra-thin Indo-Italian pies topped with spiced "Bombay sauce", tandoori chicken, paneer, and cilantro-mint chutney.
Our pick: The Slumdog, which we should mention has five meats.

Frank’s Pizza
417 Travis St
What you’ll find: Straight-forward NY-style pizza by the slice, which is especially good late-night after you’ve hit up the bars around Market Square.
Our pick: Good old-fashioned pepperoni.

1001 Austin St
What you’ll find: Thick-crusted ciabatta pies topped with fancy things like squash, roasted pears, and soppressata.
Our pick: The Ham Solo, because Ham Solo is the best name for a Hawaiian pie EVER.

Roma’s Pizza
233 Main St
What you’ll find: Foldable NY pizza by the slice with a sweet sauce and solid, chewy crust.
Our pick: Go classic with one or two toppings and ask for it well done.

Galleria Best Pizzas HOU
Capone's Houston Bar and Oven


Barry’s Pizza
6003 Richmond Ave
What you’ll find: Neapolitan and buttery Sicilian pies with all the toppings you can dream of.
Our pick: Get a deep-dish Sicilian and load that baby up with as much meat as you can.

Capone’s Bar and Oven
4304 Westheimer Rd
What you’ll find: Classic, ultra thin-crusted brick oven bar pies that taste even better the more you imbibe.
Our pick: Just make sure it has jalapeños.

Ciao Bello
5161 San Felipe St
What you’ll find: Seriously thin and crisp Roman-style pies that you’ll want to eat five of.
Our pick: House-made sausage and caramelized peppers.

Osteria Mazzantini
2200 Post Oak Blvd #140
What you’ll find: Fluffy sourdough pies that are big on crust and bigger on flavor.
Our pick: The Polpette pie… because lamb meatballs and creamy ricotta.

Greenway/Upper Kirby Best Pizzas HOU
Pizzeria Solario


3835 Richmond Ave
What you’ll find: Thin-crust pies with all the wine, because this spot is BYOB.
Our pick: A classic Margherita. And all the wine...

Luna Pizzeria
3435 Kirby Dr
What you’ll find: Puffed-up and chewy sourdough pies with impressive, high-class adornments.
Our pick: The prosciutto & arugula pie nears perfection.

Pizzeria Solario
3333 Weslayan St #100
What you’ll find: Neapolitan-style wood-fired pies with fresh mozz and just the right amount of bubble and char.
Our pick: The Appolonia: a white pie with soppressata, fresh basil, and a fried egg.

The Heights Best Pizzas HOU


3320 White Oak Dr
What you’ll find: Charred and bubbling pies from a wood-burning oven, house charcuterie, and fresh herbs from their side yard garden.
Our pick: The Texas 1015 with clams and pancetta.

2220 Bevis St
What you’ll find: Stone deck-fired specialty pies that are true to the name. That means they’re CRISP in case you weren’t paying attention.
Our pick: The Toscano, because if the combination of mushrooms, salami, and Gorgonzola doesn’t get you excited, you likely have terrible taste.

Midtown Best Pizzas HOU
Piola Houston


Luigi’s Pizzeria
3700 Almeda Rd
What you’ll find: Classic, floppy, and foldable NY-style pizza available by the pie and slice.
Our pick: Plain cheese or pepperoni -- the simpler the better.

3201 Louisiana St #103
What you’ll find: High-quality toppings and over 40 damn-fine brick oven pies to share. Plus -- and we know this has nothing to do with pizza, but -- there's an all-you-can-eat gnocchi night every 29th of the month.
Our pick: Come with friends and order one pie per person, then share the slices. And if your pie of choice doesn’t have ricotta, ADD IT.

2515 Bagby St
What you’ll find: Seriously greasy pies that hit the spot late-night.
Our pick: The Beachcomber sans extra cheese (you don’t need it), with a side of pepperoni rolls because you do need those.

Russo's New York Pizzeria
306 Gray St
What you’ll find: Crisp, chewy pies to share and giant slices to not share.
Our pick: A big-as-hell Buffalo chicken slice.

Montrose/River Oaks Best Pizzas HOU
Dolce Vita


Bar Boheme
307 Fairview St
What you’ll find: Thin-as-hell, gloriously loaded flatbreads that get served on a piece of cardboard because you’ll take it however they want to give it.
Our pick: The Korean Barbacoa or the Lobster-ita. You know what? Just get both.

Dolce Vita
500 Westheimer Rd
What you’ll find: One of the very best pies in Houston, all rustic and smoky, straight from an 800-degree wood-burning oven.
Our pick: The Vongole. That’s Italiano for clams.

Pinks Pizza
1403 Heights Blvd
What you’ll find: Specialty pies and build-your-own slices that are bigger than your dome.
Our pick: Go for the giant slice and load that bad boy up.

807 Taft St
What you’ll find: Charred and bubbly pies with high-end ingredients like burrata, scamorza, and guanciale.
Our pick: ANYTHING. Seriously.

1528 W Gray St
What you’ll find: Foldable pizza that’s thin and crisp, light on sauce, and so New York, it’s served without a smile. What? They’re busy.
Our pick: Less is more, here. Pick two toppings max. And make one of them meatball.

Rice University/Rice Village Best Pizzas HOU
Coppa Osteria


Coppa Osteria
5210 Morningside Dr
What you’ll find: Expertly prepared (there’s an entire room JUST FOR DOUGH) and beautifully blistered pies to share. There’re also some slices from the "pizza window" if you’re not in the sharing mood.
Our pick: The Carnissima because it has five Italian meats and we’re trying to make your pants not fit.

Two Guys Pizzeria
2250 W Holcombe Blvd
What you’ll find: The kind of slices you’ll find actual New Yorkers eating.
Our pick: A white slice because you’re a New Yorker now.

Washington Corridor Best Pizzas HOU
Coppa Ristorante Italiano


Coppa Ristorante Italiano
5555 Washington Ave
What you’ll find: Rustic pies that are scorched at around 700 degrees to achieve that perfect harmony of crunch and chew.
Our pick: The "Ham & Eggs", with spicy house-made coppa and quail eggs.

Star Pizza
77 Harvard St
What you’ll find: Cheese bombs that are kinda good when you’re sober but even better when you've had a few.
Our pick: Deep dish with alllll the meats. Go big or go home. No really, you should go home.

Outside the Loop Best Pizzas HOU
Pizaro's Pizza


Brother’s Pizzeria
Garden Oaks: 3820 N Shepherd Dr
Memorial: 1029 Texas 6 #100
Cypress: 25282 Northwest Fwy #120
What you’ll find: Solid NY-style pies and slices with loads of cheese and chewy crust.
Our pick: Keep it classic then load with red pepper, garlic, and Parm.

Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria
The Woodlands: 20 Waterway Ave #100
Sugar Land: 16535 Southwest Fwy #2500
What you’ll find: True Brooklyn-style brick oven pies to splitsky.
Our pick: Do what you do. Then add sausage.

Pi Pizza Truck
Travels both inside and outside the loop
What you’ll find: Seriously large slices topped with seriously crazy $#^%.
Our pick: The menu changes constantly, but with toppings like BBQ pulled pork, bacon mac & cheese, and Fritos smothered in chili cheese sauce, you can’t go wrong. And by can’t go wrong we mean you may or may not experience some pretty serious heartburn.

Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana
Memorial: 14028 Memorial Dr
What you’ll find: 900-degree wood-fired pies that blister and char in all the right places.
Our pick: Patata e Funghi. We’re assuming you’re smart enough to translate that.

Slices and Ices
Clear Lake/Webster: 300 Bay Area Blvd #80
What you’ll find: Thin and chewy NY-style pies and slices topped with all kinds of goodness like Buffalo chicken, penne vodka, and chicken marsala.
Our pick: All three of the slices named above because YOU CAN.