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Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill

The Foreman Grill is a fine product for the tiny NYC apartment, but like Big George, it's only got one punch. For a multipurpose space-saver endorsed by a true Renaissance man, try Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill. Like the singing/wrestling/pasta-making/acting/ grillmeistering Hulk himself, the just-released HHUG can do anything: it works as a panini-ready press, or you can flip it open and use the two 12" diameter cooking surfaces for traditional grilling (enough space for 6+6 "HULK Burgers", or two coiled Jake Snakes). The twin sides have separate controls, each heating from 210-425 degrees, so you could simultaneously sizzle a steak and sauté some vegetables to throw at anyone eyeing your steak. But this no-holds-barred cooking machine doesn't just come with two standard grilling plates: there's also a skillet for pancakes and a special textured plate for Pancake's wacky cousin, Waffle -- and somehow, this thing also magically makes pizza and cookies. Best of all, a folded HHUG's only 6 or 7 inches wide. Once it's stored, no one'll notice you actually bought an appliance endorsed by a professional wrestler. The HHUG's currently only available online. Order one, and you'll get a half-dozen appliances in one -- and at just three "easy" payments of $49.99, you don't have to be Ted DiBiase to afford it.