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Where to Get the Best Biscuits & Gravy in Indy

Published On 09/14/2016 Published On 09/14/2016
Jolene Ketzenberger/Thrillist

Café Audrey at the Fort


This is the plate you envision when you think of classic biscuits & gravy. Head over to Café Audrey and get yourself some fresh-baked biscuits and made-from-scratch sausage gravy (just like Mom used to make), all served with a side of fried potatoes and bacon. This place keeps the down-home feel going with friendly service, which is why it’s so popular, and why you’ll definitely be waiting for a seat on busy weekend mornings.

Love Handle

Pogue's Run

Love Handle may be small in size, but it serves up big flavor, and the community has taken notice. Run by chefs Chris and Ally Benedyk, this little 10th St diner has a lock on non-traditional B&G. The menu changes weekly, but expect the likes of tender biscuits covered with mushroom gravy and pork belly, then crowned with a jellied egg yolk.

Geno Musalek

SoBro Café


SoBro (short for South Broad Ripple) is a funky café with a veg-friendly menu, global tastes, and a focus on farm-to-table eats that you can taste in its biscuits & gravy. The cafe sources its sausage for the traditional biscuits and gravy from an Indiana producer. The vegan B&G may sound like heresy, but if you can get past the unusual hue, the mushroom, veggie, and sage gravy is plenty tasty. Truth be told, it's almost as satisfying as the omnivore version.

Circle City Soups

Indianapolis City Market

The historic Indianapolis City Market is the home base for some top-notch local chefs, including Circle City Soups owner Roger Hawkins. Open all day, his stand does a brisk breakfast business, with such specialties as omelets and breakfast burritos, but his biscuits & gravy are a favorite. Hawkins spices up the traditional B&G with chorizo gravy and a cheddar biscuit, then serves ‘em to-go style. Order up breakfast for lunch and take your biscuits & gravy to the market’s upstairs dining area or the plaza outside.

Jolene Ketzenberger/Thrillist

Biscuits Cafe

Broad Ripple

The menu at this bright café with strong, tasty coffee is an appealing mashup of traditional breakfasts (pancakes, waffles, and, yes, biscuits & gravy, with the option of spicy or regular), diner-style lunches (sandwiches and salads), and Mexican favorites (burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas). So if you’d rather have huevos rancheros, go ahead, but you’ll be missing out on a solid plate of B&G. If you’re feeling up to it, go with the spicy style. 

The Loft Restaurant

Traders Point

This rustically elegant farm-to-fork restaurant at Traders Point Creamery is actually part of a working organic dairy farm. Grass-fed brown Swiss cows produce milk for the farm’s award-winning yogurts and cheese, and the farm raises pastured chicken and pork as well -- all of which goes into the menu. That includes a delicious and hearty serving of biscuits & gravy with house-made sausage and rosemary biscuits, made with the farm’s Fleur de la Terre cheese.

Jolene Ketzenberger/Thrillist

Peppy Grill

Fountain Square

It’s not much to look at, but what Peppy lacks in finesse, it makes up for in consistency. Whether you’re dining at 10am or curing drunk munchies at 2am, you can always count on a hot and filling plate of traditional biscuits & gravy to cure what ails you. While some local plates of B&G can top the $10 mark, at Peppy, you’ll get change back from a five.

Good Morning Mama's Cafe


This cheery breakfast spot helmed by the owners of nearby Mama Carolla’s Italian restaurant has gained a dedicated following since it opened in a renovated gas station, right off the Monon Trail. While the menu includes plenty of classics (including an especially good corned beef hash), the biscuits & gravy are worth talking about. Get a side of gravy and one biscuit, a regular serving with two biscuits, or the full boat: two eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits & gravy, and a side of meat. Then go home and have a nap.

Jolene Ketzenberger/Thrillist

Oasis Diner


No, it's not in Indianapolis, but it is on US 40, so if you just drive west on Washington St, you'll find this classic diner restored to its aluminum-clad 1954 glory. It serves some excellent biscuits & gravy that are especially easy on the wallet -- two biscuits split and covered in well-seasoned gravy for just $3.50. Those biscuits, like all the breads and desserts at the Oasis, are made in-house.

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1. Cafe Audrey at the Fort 9134 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216

With a cozy environment and comforting menu, Cafe Audrey is Lawrence's feel-good restaurant. Open for breakfast and lunch only, this brick-lined spot serves up from-scratch pancakes, omelets, burgers, and -- most important -- some of the best biscuits & gravy around. Fresh-baked biscuits and house-made sausage gravy don this classic, must-try plate, and come served with a side of fried potatoes and bacon. No matter what you order, you can expect the friendliest service, and a long wait on busy weekend mornings.

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2. Love Handle 2829 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46201

This breakfast, brunch and lunch spot has a friendly vibe and an ever-changing menu. Get the biscuits drowned in gravy and grow your own love handles happily!

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3. SoBro Cafe 653 E 52nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46205

SoBro (short for South Broad Ripple) is a colorful and funky café stacked with local art and a veg-friendly, globally inspired menu. It's brimming with creative dishes like bison sliders, a tempeh buffalo-style wrap, burgers, and some mean biscuits and gravy for brunch. They're a must-try, even for vegans -- the cafe whips up a scrumptious version of this traditional dish that's made with mushroom, veggie, and sage gravy.

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4. Circle City Soups 222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

The historic Indianapolis City Market is home to some of the finest local chefs, including Circle City Soups owner Roger Hawkins. His market stand is a morning must, when he whips up specialties like omelets, breakfast burritos, and his fan-favorite biscuits & gravy. Hawkins upgrades the traditional plate by adding chorizo gravy and a cheddar biscuit. Swinging by later in the day? You'll want to order the Vietnamese noodle wrap, a star among the roster of sandwiches. You're probably wondering about the soups, too, considering they're in the name. So are we -- they're constantly changing, but always excellent.

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5. Biscuits Restaurant 1035 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220

For a greasy but obviously delicious Mexican-style brunch, Biscuits should be your go-to. Try their spicy biscuits and gravy with a gigantic mimosa for the very necessary full Biscuits experience. Plus you obviously need to get a waffle on the side.

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6. The Loft Restaurant 9101 Moore Rd, Zionsville, IN 46077

This rustic, wood-laden restaurant at Traders Point Creamery is part of a working organic dairy farm, which uses grass-fed brown Swiss cows for its yogurts and cheese, and raises pastured chicken and pork, so you know the menu is as fresh as it gets. On it, you'll find must-tries like the Loft Cheeseburger, roasted chicken breast & barbecued leg with buttered grits, and -- last but far from least -- a hearty serving of biscuits & gravy with house-made sausage, rosemary biscuits, and the farm’s Fleur de la Terre cheese. That one dish alone is enough reason to make Loft your next meal.

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7. Peppy's Grill 1004 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

You really can't go wrong with a greasy spoon like Peppy's, which has an old-school sign that shoots into the air proclaiming "HAMBURGS 24 HRS" and a menu stacked with all your favorite comfy diner food. Whether you’re here at 8am for a sausage omelet, 12pm for a double cheeseburger, or curing the munchies 2am with a hearty plate of customer-favorite biscuits & gravy, you can always count on Peppy's for a hot and filling meal.

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8. Good Morning Mama's Cafe 1001 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

This gas station turned brunch spot has a fun 50-retro vibe and serves up some great, classic diner food, plus all the coffee your body can take.

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9. Oasis Diner 405 W Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168

This retro '50s diner is situated on U.S. 40 in all of its aluminum-clad glory, serving up comforting dishes that have made it a local star, like a hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, homemade biscuits and gravy, and Disco Fries loaded with brown gravy, mozzarella, and chives. Oasis makes all of its breads and desserts in-house, so you're getting freshness you might not expect from your typical roadside diner, and the prices you definitely do. It's the best of both worlds.