Kelvin Slush Truck

Hanging out at convenience stores may be fun for the youth, but in NYC adults rarely have time for such frivolity, what with hectic schedules, and all the no convenience stores. Now bringing the best part of convenience stores right to you, the Kelvin Slush Truck

Rolling around the streets in an 18ft blue truck outfitted with three swirling dispensers connected to a custom-built fridge, KST's an adultified frozen beverage operation from a former lawyer who missed putting down slushees but didn't want to be caught carrying around a cup with superheroes or movie promos, which, considering The Ant's now in production, are officially inseparable

Moving beyond your average Rad Raz, the truck's slinging exclusively "high end" homemade creations made from all natural ingredients, from teas both green and black, to tangy citrus, to spicy ginger, but not Ginger Spice, cause then you'd have to get with its friends before taking it down.

Once you pick a flavor there're several available upgrades, from dropping in a scoop of ice cream to create a "Kelvin Float", to a puree of 100% fruit which rotates between the likes of blood orange, blueberry, strawberry, açaí, papaya, white peach, and prickly pear, who keeps bristling at everyone telling it that its shaped like itself

They also recommend using their frosty creations as mixers, with the tangy citrus making an "amazing margarita", and the spicy ginger turning into a "killer frozen dark n' stormy", also an apt description of the attitude of kids across America with nothing better to do than hang out outside convenience stores.