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RIP: 8 shuttered Las Vegas bars and restaurants we'll miss

Sadly, not all the changes in Las Vegas this year were for the better, so as 2014 comes to a close, let's pause for a second to mourn the places that did exactly that (close), and say goodbye to these eight bars and restaurants that we'll miss...

Firefly on Paradise

Not even a fit of food poisoning problems, or the fact they reopened down the street, will keep us from missing what was easily one of the best mid-level date spots in Sin City.

Whisky Attic

This little-known spot above Freakin' Frog in the University neighborhood held more whiskeys and scotches than we've ever tasted, or sadly ever will... at least for now.

Nosh & Swig

This Eastside tapas spot with a rep for tasty upgrades on fusion bar food didn't even stick around long enough for us to try their Monte Cristo. C'est la vie.

Tacos El Gordo

The Strip
Tacos El Gordo couldn't quite make it on the Strip, where it opened a second location briefly, but you can still hit the original (and best taco shop on E Charleston Blvd), so dry those tears.

American Fish

The Strip
BARDOT Brasserie (another Mina joint) has already replaced this eat/drinkery near the Zarkana theater in the Aria, but the loss of Fish's whiskey-heavy cocktail menu is a serious disappointment.

Poppy Den

It's hard to find a lot of creativity in the suburbs, but Poppy Den at least took a swing at it. It had a great patio for brunch, light food, and plenty of booze, but Tivoli Village, the outdoor mall in Summerlin where it was located, seems like a tough spot. They lasted as long as they could.

Sirio Ristorante

Another closure in Aria, probably thanks to its anonymity and tucked-away location. But it was beautiful and the Italian food, while not the very best in town, did the trick. And it wasn't overly crowded... which was the problem, we guess.

Tokyo Sushi

In the same complex as the incredible Lotus of Siam Thai restaurant, Tokyo Sushi was unassuming, decorated starkly, and a great bet for cheap(er) sushi that few were hip to. The owners recently paired with the team at Le Thai to open Bocho Sushi Downtown, in a neighborhood with more foot traffic. Thankfully, it'll have the same cooks, same style, and same kickass.
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