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The 14 Best Ice Cream Shops in Las Vegas

Treat yourself.

This summer has been absolutely brutal in Vegas—even worse than our usual nuclear apocalypse heat. Ice cream can’t exactly replace ice-cold air conditioning, but it can’t hurt, either! When your A/C is struggling to maintain even 85 degrees at home, these locally owned frozen dessert spots will help you cool off. From old school creameries to Italian gelato and Mexican paletas, this list of 14 ice cream shops has you covered when the next heat wave hits—especially those with indoor seating and blessed, blessed air!

Cream Me Ice Creamery

This utterly charming new scoop shop just opened in the thriving DTLV Arts District, and it’s exactly what an ice cream shop in an arts district that’s surrounded by mid-century modern vintage shops and rockabilly boutiques should be—a 1950s-inspired ice cream parlor complete with a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox, pastel-pink walls, a rainbow-colored floor that looks like melted pools of sherbet, and a colorful, bubbly ice cream sundae/fairy pinup mural covering one wall. They serve an assortment of Thrifty ice cream flavors with a variety of options for toppings (including their secret “Cream Me” sweet sauce), soft serve and Dole whip, specialty sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches on your choice of cookie, donut, or concha. If you’re up for a challenge, order the $20 banana split—if you finish it by yourself, it’s free!
How to order:

Secret Creamery

S. Sammy Davis Dr. 
Secret Creamery operates out of a trailer in a parking lot behind Reef Dispensaries in a part of town best described as the Strip’s backstage area. There’s just a small, small tent covering the window where you order and pay, so when it’s 1,000 degrees outside the process of acquiring the ice cream might feel a bit daunting, especially if there’s a wait. Stick it out, it’s worth it. Sample any and all the flavors that include some truly unique options like blueberry goat cheese, golden turmeric, and 24-month aged parmesan, then order a couple of scoops or a pint to take home. The ice creams are incredibly creamy and rich in flavor and utilize all Nevada-sourced milk (in fact, they source as much as they can locally and post all that info on their website), and the flavors themselves are exceptional. Not quite ready to go all-in on a savory ice cream? Order the vibrantly purple and dangerously addictive ube brownie ice cream made with rich chocolatey chunks of brownies from Carl’s Donuts, another local cult favorite. 
How to order: In-store or order online for pickup and to get pints shipped to you directly.

Frost N’ Roll

S. Decatur
Rolled ice cream is a big thing here in Vegas and there are plenty of places where you can get it, but Frost N’ Roll is a few steps above most others. The ingredients they use are top of the line, including organic agave instead of sugar and fresh fruit that’s hand-picked daily. Their premium dairy ice creams are all-natural, preservative-free, made fresh to order, and customized for each customer. They also have a whole line of fresh fruit sorbets, all vegan. Try one of their house creations, like the Chunky Monkey or Hawaiian Sunset, or concoct your own. And speaking of their house creations, order up a croffle—their take on a croissant-waffle, which you can get topped with Nutella, cookie butter, or their rolled ice cream. Go early because the croffles do sell out!
How to order: In-store or pickup and delivery via GrubHub and Postmates.


Located in the Downtown Container Park, which is always a fun trip in itself, Waffelato serves puffy, Hong Kong-style egg waffles and creamy Italian gelato. The waffles are made fresh to order (choose from vanilla, chocolate, or marble) and waffle “cones” are filled with your choice of rotating gelato flavors and topped with any number of candies and sauces. Or you can just pick from one of their popular signature creations like the very-Vegas “Elvis”—a vanilla waffle with vanilla gelato, Nutella, and banana. 
How to order: In-store or takeout and delivery via Doordash. No dine-in available at the shop, but there is plenty of open outdoor seating at Container Park. 

La Flor de Michoacan

Multiple locations
La Flor de Michoacan specializes in frozen Mexican treats, including cream popsicles and fruit popsicles chock full of huge chunks of hand-cut fruit, shaved ice, chamangos, ice creams in flavors like pistachio, guava, and strawberry vanilla, and more. Popsicles are really the least-respected of the frozen treats and definitely deserve more love—on a hot day when you’re craving something icey cold, a fresh fruit popsicle can hit the spot in a way that ice cream or sorbet simply can’t. The popsicles here are edible works of art—kind of like those handmade soaps that look like slices of fancy cakes you want to eat but can’t. These you actually can!
How to order: In-store.

Scoop LV

Because everything is Instagram and Instagram is everything, many ice cream shops go out of their way with outrageous dessert creations. At Scoop LV, they’ve got the boba bear bottles—bear-shaped souvenir bottles for your boba teas. (There are also light bulb-shaped bottles.) When the shop does limited-edition bear bottle runs, they sell out fast. There are also super fun ice cream flavors like Cookie Monster, Nutella Banana, Hokkaido Milk Tea, Fruity Pebbles, brown sugar boba, black sesame, and durian. But most importantly, they have vibrant purple ube ice cream—try it in their ube Oreo caramel shake! They’ve also got vegan ice cream options, slushies, shakes, milk teas, halo halo, macarons, giant macaron ice cream sandwiches, and cookie ice cream sandwiches.
How to order: In-store, call 702-802-3800 for contactless curbside pickup, or get delivery through Postmates, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

Gus Dean’s

Multiple locations 
Gus Dean’s churns out premium ice cream from its Las Vegas production facility that is sold at retail outlets inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian and at Pawn Plaza downtown. Made very simply with butter, sugar, and nonfat milk powder for a smooth texture, Gus Dean's offers over a dozen flavors including all the classics and modern favorites like salted caramel and mocha. The signature flavor, however, is Rebel Red, a strawberry, almond, and cookie ice cream named for the UNLV Rebels. 
How to order: Walk-up locations at the Grand Canal Shoppes and Pawn Plaza are both open.

Paradise City Creamery

If you thought 100% plant-based ice cream couldn't possibly be as sinful as the real thing, allow Paradise City Creamery to blow your mind. Founder Valerie Stunning is not shy about her previous sex worker days, and she brings all of that cheeky showmanship to her ice cream brand, which celebrates pleasure-seeking indulgence and plays up the naughtier side of ice cream. Current summer flavors include Birthday Sex handies (ube cream with brandy icing and paradise pink sprinkles sandwiched between ube birthday cake cookies) and XXXpense It! (Mexican vanilla ice cream with a secret blend of chilis smothered in a juicy mango coulis and garnished with a dehydrated chili). Paradise City Creamery is also extremely vocal and active in supporting social justice causes in the Las Vegas community. 
How to order: In-store or you can also pre-order pleasure pints online for pick-up at Garagiste and the Juice Box LV in Rhodes Ranch.

Luv-it Frozen Custard

This place is classic Vegas—and classic walk-up custard stand. Located spitting distance from the Strip in the shadow of the STRAT in downtown Las Vegas, Luv-it has been around since 1973 (that’s historic in Vegas years) and serves two unique rotating and seasonal flavors, in addition to the staple vanilla and chocolate, all made fresh daily. Check the flavor calendar online for exciting additions like Sin-a-Buns or Cookie Dough. The shop also now accepts credit card payments and has their own app for order-ahead pickup and home delivery.
How to order: Order at the walk-up window, order in advance for pickup or delivery via Chow Now, or get delivery through Grubhub and Postmates.

Rolled Ice Cream

Multiple locations
Rolled Ice Cream is not the only shop in town to capitalize on the rolled trend, but it is the only one with the namesake. Rolled ice cream is made by pouring liquid ice cream base onto a frozen pan with selected flavors and mixers, and then it is chopped and rolled into tightly wound ribbons that are then packed into a cup and finished with a variety of toppings. Try one of the house creations like The Elvis with Nutter Butter and banana, or get creative and make your own. They now also sell “cereal cookies” which you can order as a rolled sandwich, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies with vanilla ice cream or Fruity Pebbles with strawberry.
How to order: In-store or takeout, and delivery via DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats.


Rhodes Ranch
Get a crash-course education in Asian ice cream desserts at Creamberry, where they make nearly all of them. The spot has 22 ice cream and sorbet flavors and another 20 toppings to mix them with. The kicker is that you can order them in all kinds of crazy shapes: rolled ice cream, rolled “tacos” (rolled ice cream in a waffle taco), bubble waffles, bear waffles (shaped like a cartoon teddy bear), halo halo, shaved ice, snow ice, and honey toast sundaes, among other things. And by “other things,” we mean the cotton candy rainbow ice cream burrito, which is, obviously, a dessert that exists specifically for Instagram that takes about 15 minutes to craft (so wait times can get really long if there are a lot of ‘grammers ahead of you in line).
How to order: In-store or takeout and delivery via Uber Eats.

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Silverado Ranch
Nielsen’s Frozen Custard is a blast from the past—back to the days of soda shops and sock hops. Think vintage tin Coca-Cola signs and black, red, and white checkered packaging. Nielsen’s custard is made fresh in-store every few hours, always with a unique “flavor of the day” (check Facebook) in addition to chocolate and vanilla. You can order a custard cone or a pint to go, but their specialty is the Concrete, a “very thick shake you eat with a spoon” (think DQ Blizzard, only way thicker) with any number of candy, chocolate, fruit, brownie, or nut combinations. Their custards are also available to take home by the pint or quart.
How to order: In-store or takeout and delivery via Seamless, Postmates, and Grubhub.

CJ’s Italian Ice & Custard

Multiple locations
CJ’s serves homemade soft serve custard, gelato, and Italian ice. Flavors change constantly, but expect some nostalgic ones like cotton candy gelato, Cinnamon Toast Crunch custard, and Sour Patch Kid ice. The shop also offers a variety of waffle cones dipped in chocolate and coated in cereals, candies, cookies, and sprinkles. In case you’re feeling indecisive, the customer favorite (and Instagram-famous) Bobalati is a mix of boba, Italian ice, and gelato all rolled into one. Another customer favorite: the Spicy Sandia, made with mango ice, watermelon ice, pineapple Dole whip, chamoy, tajin, fresh watermelon & strawberry, and a “spicy stick.” CJ’s is known for its innuendo-heavy Instagrammable moments by way of neon signage inside its shops that make a lot of use of the word “lick,” so come ready for your selfie and order something ostentatious!
How to order: Dine-in and takeout are available at all locations. Delivery via DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats are available at select locations.

Pineapple Park

Southern Highlands
You don’t have to go all the way to Disneyland to indulge in the Dole Whip craze, and you also don’t have to settle solely for pineapple. At Las Vegas’ Pineapple Park, flavors include the classic pineapple as well as strawberry, mango, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, and seasonal flavors (all of which are vegan). Plus, you can top them with all kinds of candies and cookies and sauces and fruits. Pineapple Park also serves Thrifty ice creams, Dippin’ Dots, boba teas, frappes, crepes, waffles, churros, cakes, macarons, and banana splits. Come hungry and order the massive Pineapple Boat, a banana split served in a halved pineapple.
How to order: In-store or takeout and delivery through Postmates and UberEats.

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