Would You Spend $250 for Only Two Rolls of Sushi?

Food With Soy/Thrillist

At Sushi Roku in Las Vegas, you can eat sushi like royalty -- for a price, of course. The High Roller Roll, weighing in at a cool $250, features tempura-fried lobster tail sautéed in sweet miso sauce, rolled with asparagus, rice, and soy paper... and that's just the beginning. One roll is covered in Spanish bluefin toro, then topped with premium caviar that costs $1,000 an ounce. The other roll is topped with seared wagyu beef imported directly from Japan, freshly shaved truffle that costs $1,000 a pound, soy truffle sauce, and, of course, gold, because why not? So, would you pay top dollar for two rolls?

Check out the video by Soy Nguyen and decide for yourself.

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