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These Sushi Burgers Are Made With Perfectly Deep-Fried Buns

Las Vegas may be famous for its flashing lights, Elvis impersonators, and 24-hour all-you-can-eat buffets, but you’ll have to head off the Strip to find one of the wildest burgers in town: a deep-fried sushi burger.

Inspired by a group of foodies looking for Instagram’s infamous sushi burger, the chefs at Jjanga Steak & Sushi have created a deep-fried version of the burger, which you can get at their location in Southern Terrace. These burgers start with buns made out of sticky sushi rice, which are pressed into shape using a hamburger patty press. From there, the buns are covered in panko bread crumbs before cooks deep-fry the hell of out of them. With the buns complete, the burger is assembled by piling on heaps of spicy crab and chunky spicy tuna, dousing the sushi mountain in spicy aioli and tangy eel sauce, then garnishing with gloriously green seaweed salad. It's now the most popular burger on Jjanga's menu and has become the restaurant's signature dish.

“We wanted something that would hold better, and the deep-fried buns held really well,” general manager Ellen Chung told Thrillist in explaining the thinking behind the burger. "And everything is better deep-fried.”

If a deep-fried sushi burger sounds like too much, Jjanga also has a whole menu of special Vegas-centric sushi rolls including the "Screaming Orgasm," made with seared tuna sashimi, or the "Cocaine" roll -- because, you know, Vegas -- that combines assorted sashimi, daikon, cucumbers, crystal kelp noodles, and a creamy wasabi sauce. And if you just can’t get enough sushi, Jjanga, in true Las Vegas fashion, has an all-you-can-eat dining option for both lunch and dinner.

Check out the video above to find out more about the sinfully delicious sushi burger you didn’t know you needed.

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