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How Much Food Does Vegas' Best Buffet Serve Every Day? This Much...

Published On 05/04/2015 Published On 05/04/2015
Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

You can have pretty much anything (steak, sushi, breakfast, etc.) at some pretty awesome restaurants in Las Vegas, but a visit to Sin City isn’t complete without a trip to the buffet line. Especially the one at Caesars Palace, where a team of eight chefs at Bacchanal Buffet puts together a collection of about 500 dishes a day, and instead of dumping as much food as possible onto your plate cafeteria-style, the idea is to serve you an endless amount of smaller, but sweeter than usual, eats.  They totally pull it off, but it takes a shton of food. Here’s a look at what Bacchanal Buffet goes through in just one… single… day.

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

492lbs of shrimp

… or 120 times the amount of shrimp that the average American eats in a year

8,000 pieces of assorted dim sum

… and if each piece is served with a small cup of tea, that adds up to about
500 gallons

1,200 pieces of sweet shuck corn

… or the same amount of kernels on the largest ear of corn

996 marinated lamb chops

… and you probably need just 125 lambs to make that happen

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

1,000 three-ounce meatballs

… or enough to fill 167 cans of SpaghettiOs

353lbs of prime rib

… which would need to come from at least 50 cows

1,811 fresh shucked Blue Point oysters

… and if each one is 1in tall, you could stack ‘em 150ft tall (or as high as the Statue of Liberty replica at the New York-New York resort)

1,738lbs of crab legs

… and lucky you, since they are king crabs, you get a whopping 1,077 pounds of actual meat

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

1,440 whole eggs

… which would take the average chicken about 4.8 years to lay

97lbs of farm-raised sustainable salmon

… which, sadly, is almost 30 pounds less than the largest-ever wild Alaskan king salmon weighed

48lbs of sustainable ahi tuna

… or 154 cans of plain ol’ regular tuna

54lbs of sea bass

… or the same weight as an average 8-year-old child, or 164 pounds less than Cam Neely who played Sea Bass in Dumb and Dumber

80lbs of hash browns

… or enough to supply hash browns for 640 Big Breakfast meals at McDonald’s

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

369 macaroons

… made with 6,273 grams of sugar

261lbs of the signature beef brisket

… or roughly 10 cows worth (hopefully the same ones as the above mentioned ribs).

240lbs of chicken wings

… the hens laying all those aforementioned eggs have it way better than these 120 birds

888lbs of farm-grown peach wood for the wood-fired grill and J&R smoker ovens

… which you’re getting by chopping down 25 peach trees

1,600 sliders

… which is about the same amount of beef in 500 Burger King Whoppers

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

499 pieces of breakfast danish

… we're pretty sure the pastry chef ate the 500th piece

264lbs of watermelon

… or about 13 individual watermelons

240lbs of manila clams

… or the same weight as about 12 bicycles

150lbs of PEI black mussels

… which contains 63,560 times the recommended intake of zinc for the average person each day

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

60lbs of mozzarella cheese

… made from 30 gallons of milk

140lbs of crawfish

… or enough to feed about 210 people in a Louisiana crawfish boil

240lbs of clarified butter

… which adds up to 953,633 calories

(Only?) 1.15 gallons of freshly squeezed orange juice

… which is likely made from 28 oranges

120lbs of Nishiki sushi rice

… or the same weight of the woman who broke a world record for eating three 72oz steaks in one sitting

Caesars Entertainment/Bacchanal Buffet

150lbs of roast duck

… which adds up to 56 ducks

40 gallons of pho broth

… or enough to fill the average American bathtub

80lbs of pork ribs

… which breaks down to about 40 racks of baby back ribs

1.15 gallons of cocktail sauce

… or nearly enough to fill ten 16oz bottles

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1. Bacchanal Buffet 3750 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las vegas, NV 89101 (Strip)

Bacchanal Buffet, located in the luxe Caesars Palace, offers more than 500 dishes made fresh from a team of 15 chefs each day. It's served in nine open interactive kitchens with add-ons that range from poached lobster to Sasanian Imperial caviar. If you want an entire fish grilled to order, go for it and don't hold back; Bacchanal Buffet is all about volume, not just in food, but also in service, averaging about a million guests each year.



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