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The Capital's kitchen-commanders look to the future

Apart from the certainty of a medieval power struggle after Kate gives birth to the heir apparent, 2013 is still shrouded in mystery. Thankfully, some of London's most visionary food-smiths are here to peer into their crystal balls

Jacob Kenedy, Chef Patron, Bocca di Lupo & Gelupo"Restaurants will open, restaurants will close. People might realize a gimmick is not enough, or they might not (don’t get me wrong -- some of the gimmicky places are really very good -- but not all of them). The best restaurants in London will continue to be the best in the world, while the average standard of cooking will continue to be amongst the worst.

Clive Watson, Co-owner, Village East/ The Garrison/ The Riding House Cafe"Eat-in sandwich bars -- gourmet Scooby-snack deli doorsteps. The proliferation of mezcal in at a close second.

Daniel Doherty, Head Chef, Duck & Waffle"It seems gluttony is starting to shine, following 2012’s Nordic trend. People seem to be going mad for hotdogs, doughnuts, poutine, so what’s next?

Pierre Koffmann, Three Michelin Star Chef Patron, Koffmann’s"Restaurants continuing to strip back with one or two dishes done really well. Less formal dining and street food concepts continuing to grow.

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef & CEO, Cinnamon Club/ Cinnamon Soho/ Cinnamon Kitchen"There is much more chicken to come... Don't give up on it yet!

Peter Prescott, Director, Prescott & Conran, Boundary Hotel/ Albion Cafe/ Lutyens Restaurant"We will tire of queuing for in-vogue food served in uncomfortable surroundings!

Bruno Loubet, Chef Patron, Bistrot Bruno Loubet"I think you will see restaurants focusing on guest interaction and fun. Restaurants need to offer a well-rounded experience. This started with the pop-up phenomenon but obviously they have their limitations. Restaurants are able to achieve more consistent, quality food but I think the public wants something more from a dining experience now.

Tarryn Ginsberg, Corporate General Manager, Cantina Laredo"We'll see South American cuisine take centre stage in the UK food scene.

Ernesto Paiva, Executive Chef, Garufin"South American food going viral & Fernet Branca becoming the best well-known hangover cure -- the world will be a better place, I put my money on it!

Steve Tonkin, Executive Chef, Soho House Group"More simple food outlets. We've seen chicken, burgers, pizzas -- what’s next?

Michelangelo Del Pozzo, Purple Bar, Sanderson"Nightjar made Best World Bar 2013 at Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans.

Alyn Williams, Michelin Star Chef/Proprietor, Alyn Williams at The Westbury"The Ledbury to get three Michelin stars. Jason Atherton and Burger and Lobster to take over the world.

James Lyon-Shaw, Executive Chef, ETM Group"A high-class kebab trend!

Giorgio Locatelli, Michelin Star Executive Chef, Locanda Locatelli"Places that will be more successful are the ones with smaller menus -- just a few but very good quality items to choose from."