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The whole of China comes to Victoria

Victoria was always good at claiming Chinese territory (miss you, Hong Kong!), and now it has a little more, in the form of A. Wong -- a wood-filled resto that takes a tour 'round the greatly walled nation's regional cooking

The bi-level space takes a simple approach to decor, making for a more impressive sensory assault courtesy of food taken from provinces such as Canton, Sichuan, and Yunnan.

Start small with this clear shrimp dumpling w/ shellfish chilli sauce & citrus foam, or perhaps some wind-dried (hopefully not a euphemism) sausage & daikon cake

You'll also find these pork-filled numbers, topped w/ crackling, as well as some sesame-buttered smoked chicken

Go bigger with these cod cheeks w/ five-spice (thankfully, no Ginger) and smoking cinnamon bark, as well as razor clam w/ braised sea cucumber, and orange peel beef, too much of which may see your belt ceding territory to your stomach.