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6 sandwiches you need to eat right now

Published On 10/03/2013 Published On 10/03/2013
imperial pork BBQ -- banhmi11 london

Sandwiches were famously invented, in typical British fashion, because a rich dude didn't want his gorging to interrupt his gambling. Here to make sure gambling on a dodgy sarnie doesn't interrupt your gorging, we've rounded up six of London's finest bread-traps.

Facebook / Tsuru

Katsu-Sando, Tsuru
Famed for their sushi, the folks at Tsuru have out-done themselves by actually cooking something with this Kastu number. Made with either breast or a more flavoursome thigh, the chicken is coated in ultra-crispy panko crumbs, dipped in the fryer, and thrown between two white slices with some fruity & delicately spiced tonkatsu sauce.

Facebook / StJohn

The Bacon Sandwich, St John
This sandwich is a masterclass in how to take a simple, three-ingredient concept, and turn it into the greatest thing to happen to your tongue since Frenching. The bacon comes from Gloucester Old Spot pigs (they have the perfect backfat/meat ratio), the bread is baked fresh onsite by the Michelin star team, and the ketchup is their own tomato/apple recipe. It's also huge, which doesn't hurt.

Facebook / KappacaseinsToastedCheeseSandwich

Grilled Cheese, Kappacasein
This is a sandwich so good, it has its own Facebook page. Made in a cheese-slinging stall in Borough market, the shredded Montgomery cheddar itself is paired with a delicious mix of "the entire onion family" (white, red, spring, shallots, leeks, and garlic), then grilled inside a pair of Poilâne sourdough slices.

Jason Allen

Imperial BBQ Pork, Banhmi11
What is Imperial pork? Well, it's thinly sliced belly marinated in caramel & lemongrass, then twice-grilled until it's literally caramelized. The meat, plus all the delicious burnt ends, are then thrown into a sweet Vietnamese baguette (baked on-site, naturally), loaded with coriander, and doused in Sriracha.

Flickr / adactio

Salt Beef Bagel, Brick Lane Beigel Bake
Pretty much a stone-cold classic, the Brick Lane Beigel shop maintains its own crazy high standard on account of the fact that they're open 24hrs, constantly putting out new batches of baked/boiled bread, and steaming gigantic hunks of salt beef to go with them -- and it's extraordinarily cheap.

Electric Diner

Open-Face Ham & Egg, Electric Diner
Notting Hill
Deliciously stretching the definition of the word "sandwich", this open-face number puts ham & a fried egg beside a huge amount of cheese fondue (you can get it on the side if you'd prefer) made from melted Chihuahua w/ B├ęchamel. The idea is to flatten it, attempt to eat it, and leave a pool of cheese on your plate that you can then dip the sandwich into -- just, whatever you do, don't use a knife and fork.

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1. Brick Lane Beigel Bake 159 Brick Ln, London, E1 6SB (Shoreditch)

Perhaps you're a bagel-for-breakfast-only person and that's ok. But when bagels are made into sandwiches this delicious 24hrs a day, you'll either change your philosophy or redefine "breakfast" to get as many of these wondrous creations as possible.

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2. Tsuru 201 Bishopsgate, London, EC1 9AN (Shoreditch)

Tsuru's J-dining outlet features generations-old sushi/katsu/teriyaki recipes lifted from co-founder Kensuke Yamada's family in the Japanese fishing village Shimoda.

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3. St. John Bar and Restaurant 26 St. John St, London, EC1M 4AY

If you're looking for world-class traditional British recipes, St. John is a no-brainer in Smithfield. This resto is consistently voted one of the best in the WORLD and it's a favorite of star chef Anthony Bourdain.

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4. Banh Mi11 101 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JD (Shoreditch)

After the crazy success of their mobile food stalls, Banh Mi11 have finally gone brick & mortar in Shoreditch, in a traditionally tiled, woodcut-decorated spot dealing in baguettes stuffed with caramel- & lemongrass-marinaded pork, grilled catfish, and crispy five-spice pork belly, something the Girls miraculously haven't developed yet, though they do look a bit crispy.

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5. Electric Diner 191 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, W11 2ED (Notting Hill)

Electric Diner... having recruited Windy City chef Brendan Sodikoff to rebirth the charred remains with his own award-winning vision of high-end doughnuts & diner food, the brunch is outstanding and the libations are ever-flowing.

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6. Kappacasein Stoney Street, London, SE1 1TL (Southwark)

This dairy shop and sandwich-slinging joint has been around and serving the hungry people of Southwark for decades. Get one of their toasty, melty, bready wonders and rejoice that they're not going anywhere, anytime soon.



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