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A Noma-trained chef-prodigy opens his first resto at 26... in a toilet

the shard at Restaurant Story

After being expelled from school at age 16, presumably for acting like a chef, Tom Sellers decided to become one, and despite no formal training whatsoever, worked his way into some of the world's finest kitchens (Noma, Per Se) before opening his first resto at the seasoned age of 26. Where, you ask? In this classy-looking former toilet, we answer, which may well result in some very awkward Foursquare check-ins. Inside, the thrones have been removed, and a much more regal feel has replaced them, courtesy of a log fire, scattered bookshelves, and two kitchens. Since it's in Tower Bridge, it naturally has these cool birds dotted around. The food comes in either six- or ten-course tasting menus. There's massive attention to detail: an outdoor BBQ is currently used exclusively to make one part of one dish -- burnt onions that're paired up with apple, gin, and thyme. You'll also find the likes of these scallops w/ cucumber & dill ash (which is delish!), and an illuminating first course that comes in the form of a solid candle that is set alight, and slowly melts into beef drippings that you can mop up w/ sourdough. Dessert courses include this "3 Bears' Porridge", which sees three kinds of bear meat one sweet bowl, one salty bowl, and one juuust right bowl. All the courses are either wine or cocktail-matched, with the booze all coming from local spirits, decanted into these sweet druid-like bottles before being decanted into you. Just don't get too unruly, lest you get expelled.

Restaurant Story outside
the tables at Restaurant Story
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burnt onions at Restaurant Story
scallops and dill ash at Restaurant Story
three bears porridge at Restaurant Story
the spirit bottles at Restaurant Story