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RIP: 8 shuttered London bars and restaurants that we'll miss

Jason Allen

As 2014 comes to a close, we look back on the bars and restaurants that did just that, like the last Garfunkel's, or -- wait, it's not? There's still more than one?!? Well, anyway, here are the spots that actually closed, and what we loved about them...

Chabrot Bistrot des Halles

The sister site to the Chabrot Bistrot d’Amis in Knightsbridge almost made it a year in the no man's land of Smithfield, however no dice. We’ll miss the OTT French menu with all that delicious meat. 

Bincho Yakitori

After years of serving meat on sticks and slightly sketchy sushi, this Soho institution has closed its doors. We’ll miss daring our friends to try the raw chicken yakitori.


Bethnal Green
With the departure of Chef Nuno Mendes for the greener pastures of Chiltern Firehouse came the closing of East London’s Michelin-starred Viajante. We’ll miss watching the chefs making magic in the tiny open kitchen, and then eating said magic. 

Union Jacks

Winchester, Chiswick, Holborn
Jamie Oliver very quietly pulled the plug on 3/4 sites when he realized that the concept was “no longer sustainable in the current challenging climate” -- aka the money was not rolling in as expected. We’ll miss wondering how pizza was classified as “classic British”.

Tom Aikens

After trying a relaunch in 2012, it finally closed early this year, claiming to be on the hunt for a new space somewhere closer to central. So far, there's been not a whisper of said new site, but you never know. We’ll miss the inventive menu, and the willingness to try new things.

Talented Mr Fox

Although technically a “residency”, we were pretty sad to see this drinking den from Matt Whiley (Purl and Worship Street Whistling Shop) high tail it out when the One Leicester Street hotel changed hands yet again. We’ll miss trying to remember enough GCSE science to figure out the methods behind its fantastic tipples while hiding from the hordes of tourists in Leicester Square.

Jason Allen

Bo London

The “Demon Chef” (aka Alvin Leung) suddenly closed the doors on this mayfair “X-treme” Michelin-starred restaurant in March, claiming that it would be temporary, however no movement has been seen since. Needless to say, we’re a little skeptical about a revival, and we’ll certainly miss telling our friends with expense accounts to go there, even if we didn’t have one to charge it on.

The Fat Duck

While not actually closing for real (whew!) and not in London (well, it is on the Thames), this iconic restaurant is picking up and moving to literally the other side of the world (Australia!) for the next 10 months, giving us plenty of time to morn and miss its world-beating menu. 

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