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Is this London's biggest & best pizza?

the margarita at homeslice

They say size isn't everything (right? Right?!) but the folks at Homeslice respectfully disagree, busting out these massive, 20in pizzas in their Covent Garden base -- and the kicker? They're made Neapolitan-style, in a crazy-hot oven, and are delicious.

What does "Neapolitan-style" mean? No, it's not Psy's waaaay less catchy B-side, it actually means they're flash-cooked in just 90sec in this beast of a wood-fired oven.

The sucker is, like, 500 degrees. Centigrade. They spent years perfecting their recipes in a smaller oven, used mainly for pop-ups, and now they're laying roots.

In an unusual move (for this style), they're selling them by the slice (for just 4 squid), or, if you want, you and a bud can half-and-half a whole 'za by yourselves... or you can ditch the sherpa, and take on this Everest solo. Why? Because it's there, dammit

You'll get six different toppings rotating daily, and they'll include the likes of this courgette & artichoke, a strong fennel-salami number, some white anchovies & chard, or a bone marrow- & Spring onion-topped beauty

Pour on some of their "extra-hot" chilli oil, then immediately regret it, but, you know, in a good way.

The space itself has a high-ceilinged, wood/steel functionality to it, a functionality that turns out your slice to-go extremely quickly.

To drink, they have Saint lager & prosecco on tap, and, if you want wine, they'll simply put a magnum of house red/white on the table and charge you for whatever you take from it, not that the size of the bottle matters.

the wood oven at homeslice
pizza coming out the oven at homeslice
a slice at homeslice
courgette and artichoke pizza at homeslice
chilli oil at homeslice
the interior at homeslice
the taps at homeslice