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Cronuts are taking over London, and here's where to get 'em

Published On 08/06/2013 Published On 08/06/2013
the cronut

If you haven't heard of the croissant-doughnut hybrid known as the Cronut, you've probably been indulging in some livock (living under a rock), so for your own elucidation, here's the breakdown: this deep-fried frankenfood was invented in New York, where people went bananas for it, arriving before dawn to queue up for one outside the original purveyor Dominique Ansel Bakery -- and now, it's made its sugary way across the Atlantic. So, without further ado, here're the places in London where it's possible to snap one up…

Small, family owned Rinkoff's Bakery in Whitechapel has the Cro-Dough (because, of course, Cronut is trademarked). Jen Rinkoff tells us that the recipe changes a little every day, with each batch "more flaky than the last". They currently make a larger quantity every day, however, they still generally sell out by noon, and're selling them in three flavors (Raspberry, Lemon, and Custard).

40 floors above London, Duck & Waffle went for a slightly different approach. More of an homage than a copycat, the Dosant is much like a fried croissant filled with lemon cream, and packs an estimated 400 calories. Senior Sous Chef Tom Cenci said it took them over a month to figure out the recipe, and each portion comes with two mini Dosants. Although not listed on the menu, they are available for those in the know, only on Sundays, and they generally sell out by 1pm.

Looking to be the closest to the original, the first batch at Cocomaya sold out in an hour. They’re also huge, clocking in at about the size of an average hamburger. These're crispy on the outside with a rich ganache filling between doughy layers, and have only been made in a couple of flavors so far (like chocolate with sprinkles and salted caramel), although they plan on changing them often. Get these at their bakery or at Wild & Wood Coffee in Holborn (heads up! They get their delivery around 11am).

Finally, the folks over at Ayres The Baker in Peckham are getting in on the action. This little neighborhood bakery opens at 6am… and promptly sells out of original-style Cronuts by 7am... so, if you want one... ? You need to be pretty fucazy.

Can't get enough of these tasty croissant/donut hybrids? Check out more Cronut knock-offs around the world on our interactive Cronut- (and Cronut impostor-) finding map!

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Rinkoff's Bakery 224 Jubilee St, Stepney, E1 3BS (Whitechapel)

Rinkoff's is making a rendition of the famed Cronut... and other delicious treats that you need to try!

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
2. Cocomaya 12 Connaught St, Paddington, W2 2AF (Notting Hill)

Cocomaya is a supreme pastry and chocolatier, and is worth your visit and all of your money.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Ayres The Bakers 115-125 Evelina Rd, Camberwell, SE15 3

A bakehouse that holds true to good, traditional pastries, as well as innovative and more-eclectic options (for those who have a wandering eye... ).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Duck & Waffle Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY (The City)

If you're not good with heights, you might want to request a table away from the windows. This classy establishment offers an incredible view of London, 40 stories above the ground in the Heron Tower. And regardless of when your hunger pangs pop up, Duck & Waffle has you covered 24/7.



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