Food & Drink

Get festive with edible Christmas cards & turkey tacos

The "global trend followers" at Protein are truly living up to their name, supplying you with literally that (plus various other essential vitamins and nutrients) at a food-truck-filled Crimbo market they're hosting today, tomorrow, and Sunday in & around the huge, three-story warehouse on Shoreditch's Hewett Street. Kick off with mince pie popcorn & "edible Christmas cards" from Animal Vegetable Mineral. Pair that with Lily Vanilli's absinthe hot chocolate, or The Boilermaker's hot mulled cider. Or skip mulling over that decision and have both. Move on to heftier offerings like Family's turkey tacos, then finish up with a traditional Christmas cake from St. John, baptized in port, rum, brandy, and Madeira. Dunk me again, reverend! While perhaps not quite as seasonal, you should also sate belly rumblings with Dante Fried Chicken dipped in apricot hot sauce, or Sriracha'd jerky from F.A.T., an acronym that somehow simply stands for "Fat". Apart from all the grub, there's also Xmas shopping to be had: Bompass & Parr Ouija board tea towels, scariness from Hoxton Monster Supplies, and limited-ed prints from comic artist Joe Kessler, who'll be on hand as part of a donation-based gift-wrapping service -- allowing you to follow the global trend of paying people to do things you should be able to do yourself.