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German sausages in The City

It's well-known that Germans produce the best wurst & easiest to swallow pils, so consume them together along with more meaty & wheaty Teutonic delights in a nice-smelling WC: The Wurst Club, a snug fast-casual foodery in The City. Sausages are all sourced from a dedicated butcher in Germany, and include the full barrage of brats, Riesenbocks, and this Krakauer; a smoked all-pork number. For some hot sauce-age, dive into this Berlin currywurst, made with chopped up franks covered in homemade spiced tomato.If you share the belief that women pretend to have the world over that size isn't really that big a deal, snag this triplet of majoram-laden Nurnbergers, aka "Fritz' Minis". Give your meat company with sides like sauerkraut, butter/cream mash, and fries slathered in a sauce made daily from pineapple, carrots, and habaneros called "club gold", so it also pairs well with (West) Ham. Most meals come with a beverage selection, with Euro-zone refreshments ranging from the non-alcho likes of caffeine-charged Club-Mate or a Coke/ orange/ lemonade-combo called Spezi, to potent brews like Warsteiners & Flensburgers, after which you'll end up being a little more Frank yourself.