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You have never seen so many potatoes in one place

Potatoes at The Potato Merchant

Fact: it's possible to survive indefinitely on nothing but potatoes and butter, as discovered by university researchers (known as "students"). This fact has also, apparently, not escaped the attention of the carb-loving folks at Exmouth Market's Potato Merchant

Taking the "boil 'em, mash 'em, put 'em in a stew"-ball and seriously running with it, they're incorporating the ubiquitous starch into everything from lamb stew, to fish pie, to this bubble & squeak. It even plays a role in salt cod fritters, black pudding croquettes, and (gasp!) potato soup. Mind. Blown

They're obsessed. Hell, the restaurant, with its rough wooden fittings, even looks like a potato. They have a self-written "potato bible" (King Edward version?) listing all the varieties that they're selling on site and transforming into mash, beef dripping chips, French fries, and Spanish-style bravas. If you have your own plans in mind, they're also available (literally) wholesale

Just when you thought they couldn't take the tuber madness any further? They're even getting into baking, with sweetness like these lemon drizzle potato cakes, as well as whole loaves of sourdough potato bread.

Oh -- and crisps! These are made from a slew of heritage varieties, perfect to have on the go if you're a Walker.

Speaking of things you can take away, they're also cooking up to-go chorizo rolls, made with (gasp!) normal, non-potato bread. Wait, that can't be right. Better jam some crisps in there, just to be safe.

bubble and squeak at The Potato Merchant
the restaurant at The Potato Merchant
lemon drizzle cakes at The Potato Merchant
crisps at The Potato Merchant
chorizo rolls at The Potato Merchant