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London, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

Get ready, London, because June 21st will be a day to remember. Specifically, to remember as the day Thrillist gave you the Best Day of Your Life

Here's the plan. Call in sick (it's the longest day of the year -- don't spend it working), then download this itinerary to point towards hookups on coffee from The Attendant and yummy buns on us at... Yum Bun, all the while keeping track of all the #BDOYL social action here

4:43am: Sun up, wake up. Napoleon once said, "Six hours sleep for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool." Today, you make Napoleon look like a fool. Today is the Best Day of Your Life.

Zero dark 30: Get things cranking with a quick jog. Keep reminding yourself that this one act of bravery will provide license for all kinds of savage liver abuse later

Arsecrack of dawn: Into the shower, windows open, curtains up. Jam on the Bieb, button up your lucky shirt (you know the one), and pull on your lucky boxers (you definitely know those ones).

Early morning: Lazily roll into The Attendant on Foley Street for opening. It's in a Victorian urinal, so you can potentially cross another thing off your morning routine. If that's too packed, then head down to Soho's Flat White.

Breakfast: Put down the f***g muesli bar. We're going to Hawksmoor Guildhall, and our tongues shall all feel like they are receiving bacon lap-dances. If this fairly sizable establishment is full, then the equally delicious Modern Pantry is waiting a few minutes away.

Post-breakfast breakfast: It's time for a Cornetto (the Monument Tescos will sort you out) and a jaunty stroll towards Clerkenwell. Be careful not to let all the dopamine leak out of your brain as you experience the simultaneous rush of not being at work, watching others go to work, and eating ice cream before noon

Late AM: Did you know that the cocktail lounge of The Zetter Townhouse is open at 7am?! Well, it is, and you're going there for one of the world's best mixeds, at 11, because you can, dammit. If you're after something a little lighter on the liver, head to the Fox and Anchor for a craft beer.

Work up an appetite: Play a little light table tennis at Bounce. Mercilessly thrash your opponent (on the actual Olympic table) while professing modesty, you know, just to really rub it in.

It's time for lunch: We'll be treating -- get to Yum Bun, grab a couple of their little fluffy clouds of porky deliciousness (on us if you're there early enough!) and head into Rotary Bar for a drink to enjoy them. Rotary Bar also does food, should YB be rammed.

Early afternoon: Jump on the Piccadilly Line, and head to the Hippodrome Casino. Pull out a fiver, and take Wesley Snipes's advice: always pay your taxes bet on black. If you win, spend the proceeds at the Casa Del Habano cigar shop in Soho. If you lose, go to the Burlington arcade and try on a vintage Rolex from the year you were born.

5 o'clock somewhere: The Euston Cider Tap. They have 500 types of apple ales. Play cider roulette by asking the barman for a random pick, and marvel at the yokel-brau they produce. If cider's not your thing, hit the Euston Beer Tap across the way for the same game.

Easing into the evening:Regents Park is right next door, and so is a game of football

Happy Hour!: It's a hop, skip, and a jump away to Barrio Central and their famed happy hour. Get the Hand Grenade Highball -- it's delicious and will not actually explode.

Winner winner chicken dinner: Staying in Soho, manage your enormous hunger by heading to Bone Daddies for ramen & fried chicken, or, if that's not your thing, then Honest Burgers, or, if that's not your thing (who are you, seriously?), then Flat Iron for a £10 steak.

831p: Sunset. Jump on the tube for one last trip to The Edinboro Castle, where you can watch the sun lazily go down in their eminently relaxing (and massive) beer garden, while supping from craft taps & cask ales. Toast yourself, because this has been the Best Day of Your Life. Keep it going into the night, if you still have the energy.