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Lobster corn dogs, now available forever

lobster corndogs

Ah, the lobster corn dog; having luckily skipped the regular-corn-dog stage entirely, our fair capital was being spoiled with these delicious suckers at the various Disco Bistro pop-ups, right up until they inevitably closed… but now they're back for good at Mahiki, which's opened a permanent Rock Lobsta resto in their Mayfair base.

rock lobsta at mahiki

In keeping with the club's Polynesian theme, the whole place is decked out South Pacific-style, except without anyone spontaneously breaking into song.

seabass and passionfruit at mahiki

What can you expect, apart from the vaunted 'dogs? Well, for one, there's this slightly classier sea bass w/ passion fruit, plus soft-shell crabs, lobster rolls, po' boys, fried chicken burgers, and fried "beer cheese" w/ truffle & gooseberry ketchup. Oh boy.

coconut rum gelato

You see this strawberry shortcake-covered ice cream? It's made with coconut rum, and will probably make you a lot less shy.

There are signature cocktails too, such as their Snow Crab Sling (tequila, Ting, ginger, and a damned lobster claw), or this Sweet & Chilli made with pisco, chilli, ginger & coconut that'll fit nicely in your own palm.