Food & Drink

Go on a micro-holiday, without the hassle

The Concept: Aiming to bring you a food experience that's anything but plane (!), Mile High hopes to emulate the "golden age of '50s air travel", decking out a secretly located West London diner as a cocktail-laden departure lounge staffed by air hostesses in Pan-Am-esque miniskirts.The Meal: The first meal/destination will be a four-courser from an ex-Moro food-smith, taking Gothenburg as its inspiration, and yet containing no swede whatsoever -- instead you'll find the likes of this char-grilled elk, plus crayfish w/ smoked bacon & sour cream, and lingonberry ice-cream w/ licorice meringue. The Future: The evening ends w/ music from the outfit's "airborne DJ division", plus classic 'tails like Negronis & Aperol Spritzes, while future destinations will see Beirut in May, Sicily in June, and Mozambique in September -- all of which sounds first-class.