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Korean street food in Camden

It's widely acknowledged that best Korean cult is the entire Southern half, brainwashed by capitalist American scum into denying the supremacy of their glorious leader, but the second best is Kimchi Cult!, a lauded food truck taking over the kitchens at Camden's Black Heart pub from Weds to Sat for the next month.Head inside the dim, neon-lit church of booze for a menu of burgers like the signature Special (decked w/ homemade kimchi, bacon, & cheese ), or if you can get your lips around the words "dalk galbi", you'll soon find them wrapped around the K-spice marinated chicken-wich up top.Yes, those are fries topped with with steak, not to mention toasted sesame seeds, spring onions, & chilli sauce, but they'd probably have to kick themselves out of their own cult if there wasn't also a version topped w/ cheese & kimchi.And as you're in the Black Heart, you can quench that chilli-fueled fire with a sizable selection of rotating crafts, with current choices like Maui CoCoNut porter, Clown Shoes Supa Hero IPA, and Mikkeller's American Dream… which you'd only believe in if your brainwashed Western mind was addled with the stuff.