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Shoredtich Town Hall becomes delicious

Introducing the crowdsourced (thankfully not crowd-sauced) restaurant: The Clove Club's a collab between a Dalston pop-up of the same name and a lauded group of chefs know as The Young Turks, who stood up to the Ottoman Empire with a secularist reform movement banded together and secured the funds for their eat-capade via Kickstarter-style online soliciting.The space, set within Shoreditch Town Hall, is a huge, Grade II-listed beauty, with high ceilings, large windows to match, and an open kitchen in the back, which, like the chefs, they've dressed in blue & white. The culinary crew has some serious pedigrees, having collectively served stints at Noma, The Fat Duck, St John, and The Ledbury, resulting in dishes like these radishes with what looks like cigarette ashes (but is in fact an equally addictive combo of black sesame & Korean spices) or some wood pigeon sausages, fried chicken & pine, or raw bream w/ blood orange.Hit cocktails like the Air Mail, filled w/ rum, honey & lime, or this whiskey & Italian brown vermouth'd Left Hand, or opt for craft beers like Williams Ceilidh -- pronounced "Kay-lee" -- unless you find yourself sauced, in which case it's "gimme that one!"