Food & Drink

Get truly old-school in Hoxton

Now giving you decent school dinners without Jamie Oliver hurling the word "pukka" at you every few seconds, Monikers Hoxton resto is set in an old secondary building, taking over the gym & chemistry lab, and refitting them with reclaimed wooden furnishings.

If you can stop reliving the horrors of chem class long enough to look at the menu, you'll see a daily changing lineup of meatiness, from confit wild duck legs to soy-braised short ribs, and a huge grilled bacon chop with pancetta, which is just a sneaky Italian way of putting bacon on bacon

To drink, they've bussed in a strong lineup of craft beers, counting Hop Rod Rye (from the Cali-based Bear Republic), the Dutch Eyerlander, and the local Kernel pale ale. They're also mixing classic/house 'tails incl. the Mexican Mure, whose tequila & blackberry could lead to some chemistry with the other patrons. But probably not.