Food & Drink

Smoked meat mere minutes from Parliament

Picking up where Guy Fawkes involuntarily left off, the Blue Boar has brought BBQ to Parliament, settling into a polished & buffed St. James interior to turn out smokehouse classics. The politically inspired decor includes this House of Commons mockup featuring Daleks & the Dark Lord Sauron, but mercifully sparing us from the even more terrifying "Smiling Gordon Brown". You'll also find this series of caricature models, though caricature suggests a disproportionately large head, and these seem about right. Settle into an easy chair to admire (and order sips of) these bottles of 100yr-old gin, aka, great-great grandmother's ruin.Step behind this mirrored door into a private meeting room. Then step back out because you were not invited to this meeting, it's private.The 24hr smoked ribs are served in a silver top hat. The pulled lamb shoulder, cold-smoked venison pastrami, and carpetbagger steak stuffed with oysters are not, making it highly likely you'll order ribs even when you're in the mood for steak.Why yes, politicians do drink. Apparently their current tipples of choice include Meantime Yakima Red & Black Isle Porter, plus hooch like this Champagne Julep, and a bourbon & lemon cocktail in an absinthe-rinsed glass modestly dubbed the Billionaire -- which Gordon was, until he sold all that gold and quit smiling forever.