The 7 best curry houses in London

It’s a well-known fact that the most traditional of British foods is Indian food, which is why London is now one of the curry capitals of the world. But which are the shining exemplars that make it so good? Well, unless you’re planning on rolling the dice in Brick Lane, we suggest you check these places out...

​What you’re getting: Kid Goat Methi Keema
Named restaurant of the year by The Telegraph, it's taking its curries up a notch with some stunning cookery, and earned a Michelin star in the process (though it's still kept the prices amazingly low). Dark, stylized, and delicious, this is the second venture from the same guys as long time favourite Trishna. The bar downstairs is pretty spectacular as well, so make sure to factor in time for a cocktail, too.


Shoreditch & Covent Garden
What you’re getting: Chicken Ruby
These guys really tick all the boxes: breakfast (bacon naan!), lunch, dinner, cocktails, snacks, Bombay-inspired decor that oozes cool without being overly kitsch, attentive staff, reasonable prices -- it's all that and big enough to never feel overly packed. Started in CG back in 2010, they’ve expanded to Shoreditch and the good times keep rolling.

Flickr/Ewan Munro

​What you’re getting: Lamb Chops
This institution has been drawing people in since 1972 with its grilled meats and superb curries. There is always a queue, but having reached a borderline cult status, no one cares and are happy to wait while breathing in the aromas emanating from the bustling vibrant space.


Notting Hill
What you’re getting: Monkfish
Tucked away in the West End, this spot is always packed, and do they really cram people in. Known for their friendly service and jaw-dropping monkfish, they have cultivated a set of regulars who happily pack into this small spot any night of the week.


Forest Hill
What you’re getting: Sandalwood Ostrich
Upscale Indian in the middle of nowhere, Babur has proven itself to be worth the trek. Consistently solid, with a wide range of dishes including some extremely exotic meats (Ostrich? Buffalo?), they also have a fantastic Sunday buffet.


Various locations
​What you’re getting: Chicken Samosa
Traditional South Indian food with locations all across town, Rasa has long been a favorite for veggies -- although it has thankfully expanded its menu for the carnivores. Each of the sites have a slightly different thing going on, but overall, the quality and price is thankfully maintained across the board.

Cafe Spice Namaste
Cafe Spice Namaste

​What you’re getting: Beetroot & Coconut Samosa
Flying under the radar, Cyrus Todiwala’s casual eatery consistently takes newcomers by surprise. With brightly clad servers, some rather Crayola-colored walls, and a high-energy, happy atmosphere, it's only when the food arrives that you know they're taking this seriously, serving up next-level Goan cuisine that you’ll be dreaming about for days.

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