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The Best Dessert in 16 London Neighborhoods

Published On 05/02/2016 Published On 05/02/2016

The City


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Jamie Oliver may have lead the charge for getting kids to eat healthily, but we’re all adults here, and in his steakhouse overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral, he holds nothing back with his dessert menu. White chocolate cheesecake, crème fraîche panna cotta, and some seriously epic house-made ice creams await you at the end of the meal... or just skip the meat course and go straight for the sweets; we won’t judge.

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Simon Rogan is basically a wizard when it comes to creative dishes that make your brain explode through juxtapositions of flavour, texture, and temperature... and needless to say, his desserts at Fera fall solidly into the jaw-drop category. Everything is incredible here, but be sure you save room for dishes like smoked chocolate, Earl Grey ice cream, and sea buckthorn, or roasted pear, coffee, chestnut cake, and green mandarin.


Covent Garden


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This Parisian-styled NYC import understands the importance of sugar at the end of a meal. Or the start. Or on it’s own randomly throughout the day. Their killer bakery pumps out ridiculously tasty breads, pastries, and cakes all day... plus their decadent dessert menu is filled with classics like tarte tatin, profiteroles, and a lemon and verbena panna cotta that might make your last-meal list.

The Duke


The Duke

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When you find yourself out in the wild (aka Richmond Park) and want really good food, you’d be a bit of a moron not to go to The Duke. This gastropub is stylish and comfortable and will put you into a happy food coma without even trying. We dare you to leave behind a single bite behind of their boozy Jameson’s mousse & homemade Guinness ice cream... or their salted chocolate mousse, paired with roasted nuts and passion fruit sorbet.

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Sure, you know they do some of the best steak in town plus award-winning cocktails, but have you OD'd on their puddings yet? Iit might be hard to look that far ahead when you’re eating a massive plate of meat, but you absolutely need to try their peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice cream... and sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream... plus their insane Crunchy Bar. Basically, it would be wise to start planning for the future of your mouth.


POLPO Smithfield

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Two words for you: Nutella pizzetta. Yeah, it’s exactly what you’d think: neapolitan pizza crust smothered in chocolate-hazelnut creaminess... it’s so rich, you really should share. Eat it with a knife and fork, by the slice... or just fold the damn thing in half and shove it directly into your eager mouth.




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Eating good Gelato is one of those nostalgic activities that makes everything better, and few places in London do the cold & creamy stuff better. This Gelateria is from the same cats at Bocca di Lupo (located just across the street) and everything they do is outstanding... so go stuff your face while trying to avoid brain freeze.



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On the Islington side of Upper St, Zilouf’s ticks so many boxes: cocktails, roasts, amazing small plates, and desserts that’ll leave you shamelessly licking the plate for every last crumb. Regardless of whether you’re going for the chocolate chilli cashew brownie served with coconut ice cream, steamed ginger pudding paired with a rum and brownie ice cream, or their insane Tropical Mess, your sugar fix is sorted.

Rivington Grill Greenwich



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From the same people as J Sheekey, The Ivy, and Sexy Fish, this Greenwich outpost of their bar and grill wants to make sure that when you leave, you have enough of a sugar rush to make the trek back to central London. Take your pick from a pistachio and almond tart loaded with clotted cream ice cream, cider brandy truffles, chocolate and walnut fudge, and more, then ride the happy sugar train home.

Notting Hill


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These guys are obsessed with the process of making chocolate and love to share. So go and stop by for just one (like the sea salted caramel bon bon or green tea truffle)... and try to not buy a whole box to take home.

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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

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After hanging on to three Michelin Stars for a while now, you had best believe the Hell’s Kitchen namesake spot knows how to make some serious puddings. Find an excuse, class it up, and go big for an extravagant tasting menu... or just focus on the real deal, like the lemon parfait with honey, bergamot, and a sheep’s milk yoghurt, or the carrot cake with bee pollen, mead, and cream cheese ice cream.


Candy Cafe

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The sweet stuff is really in the name here, although to call their bites "candy" is kind of selling it short. Known for their bubble tea and Keya Toast --  a coconut spread involving eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves -- this charming cafe hidden on the first floor next to Leong's Legends is almost out-of-place in busy London (and we’re so glad it’s here).

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the pistachio soufflé at Koffmann’s at The Berkeley Hotel is completely freaking amazing. It’s like a pastel holiday to the South of France, loaded with nutty flavour... and at a height that would make most frustrated bakers cry tears of wonder.


The Diner

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Camden is kind of overrun with wannabe punk ravers, tourists, and frustrated locals just trying to live life, but The Diner is your oasis from all that. Filled with loads of Americana, quirky waitstaff, a bangin’ soundtrack, and cracktastic sweet stuff, you will be set to brave the crowds once more. Seriously, you need cookies & cream cake in your life. Trust.

Ed Reeve


The Richmond

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Sister restaurant to Elliot's in Borough Market, it’s no surprise the food here is outstanding. Super fresh, seasonal, and full of flavour, Chef Brett Redman keeps the quality high from raw bar start to super-sweet finish, with dishes like olive oil ice cream, poached rhubarb & blood orange granita (trust us, it’s amazing) as well as a panna cotta with strawberries & crumble. Wash it all down with a bottle of natural wine, and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

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1. Barbecoa 1 New Change, London, EC4M 9AF

Jamie Oliver's barbecue steakhouse, located in One New Change, is glass-walled and designed in such a way that each brown leather seat and iron-caged banquette has a view overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. The modern eatery boasts a menu of full of grilled British and Irish meats, all cooked in Texan pit smokers, tandoors, fire pits, Robata grills, and wood- fired ovens.

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2. Fera 49 Brook St, London, W1K 4HR

Located at Claridge's in Mayfair, Fera is a renowned art deco restaurant and has earned Michelin-stars under chef Simon Rogan. The constantly changing menu consists of elevated British cuisine, with dishes that juxtapose flavour, texture, and temperature. We suggest opting for the tasting menu, which gives you a chance to enjoy the range of organic and unexpected dishes.

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3. Balthazar 4-6 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HZ

This Parisian-styled NYC import, Balthazar, is a French brasserie decorated with dark wood and red leather banquettes. Located in the heart of Covent Garden and housed in an old theatre museum. Directly next door is their bakery, serving house-made artisan bread, a wide selection of homemade pastries, salads, and sandwiches all available to grab on the go.

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4. The Duke 2 Duke St, Richmond, TW9 1HP

The Duke in Richmond Park is a stylish and comfortable gastropub filled with roomy armchairs, sofas, and a dining room towards the back. On the food menu, you'll find a variety of sharing plates, small plates, and larger ones such as burgers, grilled rainbow trout, or a rib eye steak. The desserts are also noteworthy, specifically the boozy Jameson’s mousse & homemade Guinness ice cream, or the salted chocolate mousse paired with roasted nuts and passion fruit sorbet.

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5. Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar 157B Commercial St, London, E1 6BJ

Nestled in the basement of the Hawksmoor restaurant in Shoreditch, Spitalfields Bar serves up award-winning cocktails and bar fare. From old staples like Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew (gin, ginger, lemon, and London Pride) to more recent highlights like the Sunset Sazerac (strawberry cognac, coconut bourbon, pineapple bitters and absinthe), these impeccably mixed drinks don’t disappoint. Sip while you savor delicious snacks (short rib nuggets, anyone?), and enjoy the sultry coziness evoked by glazed brick walls, intimate alcove booths, and Art Deco-inspired copper countertops.

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6. Polpo Smithfield 2-3 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6DR

Polpo Smithfield is a charming Italian restaurant with a Venetian inspiration, with a neon-soaked Negroni bar and a huge outside terrace. Theis space is industrial, chic, and serves local wines, small plates, and Venetian tapas -- sliced flank steak in white truffle cream. While they offer both sweet and savory pizzas, it's the Nutella pizzetta you want to go for. with thin pizza crust smothered in chocolate-hazelnut creaminess.

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7. Gelupo 7 Archer St, , London, W1D 7AU

From the chef and owner of the acclaimed rustic-Italian restaurant, Boca Di Lupo, Gelupo is a gelateria and espresso bar located just across the street. Set in a sleeve-like space simply outfitted with blue-tiled walls, wooden floors, and a bar stool-abetted marble countertop, all the freshly made Italian ice cream here is wonderful.

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8. Zilouf's 270 Upper St, Islington, N 1 1

On the Islington side of Upper St, Zilouf’s offers most everything: cocktails, roasts, amazing small plates, and desserts that’ll leave you shamelessly licking the plate for every last crumb. This restaurant serves Asian-fusion dishes that pair great with any number of the fun cocktails on the menu with multiple places to choose from to dine in: the heated outdoor seating area, relaxed dining room in the back, plus couch and bar areas.

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9. Rivington Grill Greenwich 178 Greenwich High Road, London, SE10 8NN

Rivington Grill in Greenwich is a modern British eatery simply decorated with white walls, brass rails, and an overall maritime vibe to it. The seasonal menu primarily focuses on the meat and fish dishes, along with some vegetarian options, using only ingredients sourced from the UK and Ireland. As for drinks, Rivington places a high level of importance on Gin based cocktails and creative Bloody Marys.

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10. Melt 59 Ledbury Rd., London, W11 2AA

Melt is a boutique chocolate shop, selling creative chocolates made fresh from the open kitchen in the back. This shop prides itself on two things: maximizing the health benefits found in chocolate, and superb heavenly taste. All the chocolate is made with fresh cream, butter, and cocoa beans of the highest quality and then wrapped beautifully in designer paper.

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11. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay 68 Royal Hospital Rd, London, SW3 4HP

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea offers French cuisine at its finest, using only the best seasonal ingredients. Brought to you by Chef Patron Clare Smyth, the first female British chef to hold and retain three Michelin stars, and the food here is a testament to her mastery of culinary craft. The elegant intimate dining room seats up to 45 people and is decorated and designed by the chic Fabled Studio.

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12. Candy Café 3 Macclesfield St, Chinatown, W1D 6AU

Candy Café is a hidden gem in Chinatown, and it's as sweet as it sounds. This casual Chinese and Taiwanese spot serves specialty Asian desserts and drinks like bubble pearl tea and over 30 flavors of Malaysian Ipoh coffee. They also serve Keya Toast -- a coconut spread involving eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves -- and other adventurous signature dishes.

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13. Koffmann's The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Pl, London, SW1X 7RL

Koffmann's, located in one of London's most luxurious lodgings, the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. The restaurant itself has a casual dining room, with a menu that specializes in Southwest French cuisine, with a focus on fish and seafood. All the dishes are seasonally inspired, with all your brasserie favorites.

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14. The Diner 2 Jamestown Rd, London, NW1 7BY

The Diner in Camden is an American restaurant, as its name suggests, serving diner classics like burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and other comfort foods. It has an old-school retro vibe with traditional leather booths, a bar, and an open kitchen. Plus, they have a terrace on the roof upstairs.

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15. The Richmond 316 Queensbridge Rd, London, E8 3NH

Sister restaurant to Elliot's in Borough Market, it’s no surprise the food at The Richmond is outstanding. Chef Brett Redman uses only fresh, seasonal, and flavorful ingredients, keeping the quality high from raw bar start to super-sweet finish. With dishes like olive oil ice cream, poached rhubarb & blood orange granita, and panna cotta with strawberries, you can't go wrong.