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The 8 Best Under-the-Radar Fish & Chips Shops in London

Published On 04/27/2015 Published On 04/27/2015
Hook Camden Town
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1. Hook Camden Town 63-65 Parkway, London, NW1 7PP

Started as a market stall in Dublin, Hook is one of the more interesting chippies in London. Not only does it have old-fashioned fish & chips with seven different flavour combos (and two different crusts), it also features an eco-friendly business plan (recycling, sustainable fish, and biodegradable cutlery).

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2. The Laughing Halibut 38 Strutton Ground, City of Westminster, SW1P 2HR

You’re not coming here for the decor. This no-nonsense chippy does a roaring trade with the locals (aka the political set) by delivering fast, fresh, flaky fish in a crispy coating with golden fries good enough to eat while still at tongue-burning temperatures. Serving up the traditional cod & haddock and the obviously necessary halibut, it has a slightly more extended list of options including the more unusual skate, squid, and scampi, which draw in long queues come lunch time.

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3. North Sea Fish Restaurant 7-8 Leigh St, Bloomsbury, WC1H 9EW

This family-run old timer has made the sit-down fish & chips experience a rounded one if that's what you’re after, with portions so massive you’ll be waddling out fat and happy at the end.

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4. Gigs Fish & Chips 12 Tottenham St, Camden Town, W1T 4RE

Gigs represents a blessed union of two of London’s finest guilty pleasures: fish & chips and kebabs. This Cypriot chippy has been covering all bases with aplomb since 1958, keeping mouths contentedly busy with traditionally massive portions of all things delicious and frequently crispy.

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5. The Fish House of Notting Hill 29 Pembridge Rd, London, W11 3HG

With the feeling of a old-school chippy, The Fish House has a new-school mindset: all fish is sustainable and traceable right down to the boat and crew, plus the potatoes all come from one farm here in the UK to keep an eye on air miles. Then it makes sure to have to most up-to-date technology so your chips are crispy -- never soggy -- and all of it at a lower fat content than the average spot.

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6. Seafresh 80-81 Wilton Rd, London, SW1 V 1

In the no-man’s land of Victoria, this is an oasis of fried goodness and the take away part of the shop -- especially if the sun is shining -- can be a total score. Crisp and flaky, and as big as your head, the fish is some of the best around and you get a massive gold star if you actually can finish one off.

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7. The Seashell of Lisson Grove 49-51 Lisson Gr, Marylebone, NW1 6UH

Known for drawing in A-listers on the DL and locals alike, the price point is a touch higher than most chippies, but with unlimited chips and a classically decorated dining room, it suits the place. Super-fresh fish comes out coated with just the right amount of batter, the better to burn your fingers on while picking at it before it cools.

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8. The Dining Plaice 20 Berwick St, London, W1F 0PY

Right in the centre of Soho, you’ve probably walked by this unassuming shop countless times. It’s okay, though, everyone makes mistakes. Luckily now you know you’ve been walking by some of the best fish and chips in Soho with a super-friendly staff, tasty house-made sauces, and gigantic portions.