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Wild boar bacon in Canada Square

the bar at the pearson room

Canada: the world's second largest country, with a population less than that of greater Tokyo. Canada Square: surrounded by three of the tallest buildings in the UK, and sharing a little more with the latter than the former. Nevertheless, The Pearson Room decided to honour a Canuck PM with its name and open up in one of the busiest parts of London.First thing's first: they have a cheeseburger with wild boar bacon. So make sure to thank the next boar hunter you see for the bounty he has produced. It also comes with tobacco onions -- but don't worry, they just look like shredded tobacco (they're actually spice-fried), though they may prove equally addictive. If that's not your thing (ha!), then this fried chicken burger might well be. If for some reason they're out of those things, there's no reason for the place to clear out, because they've got some pretty good backups, like a lobster club sandwich, a 30-day aged beef rib, and some Mongolian chicken wings, which will invade… your heart!For dessert, they're rolling with this booze-ified kirsch cherry sundae, as well as strawberry jam & custard doughnuts that are so delicious, you'll want to put a ring on them. Cocktails are put together in collaboration with the Worship Street dudes, and'll include the likes of a lychee & honey cress martini. Obviously, wine's involved, with stuff from "rare and emerging regions", starting at a rare fiver for a glass. Oh, and the place looks good, too -- it's got dark timber flooring, industrial-esque steel fittings, and floor-to-ceiling windows from which to see Canada (Square)'s bustling population.

fried chicken burger at the pearson room
the dining room at the pearson room
Kirsch cherry sundae at the pearson room
a mojito at the pearson room
wine at the pearson room
dining table at the pearson room