Food & Drink

Ultra-luxe drinking, dining, and sleeping on Piccadilly

Having closed down in '08, the Piccadilly landmark is back with a little less cafe, and a lot more royal, maintaining/restoring many of the original fittings, but adding an ultra-luxe hotel, bar, members club, and spa to the original resto in an attempt to create a modern Ritz.This original 1865 stained glass motif hangs above the entrance, and is repeated throughout the hotel. The N stands for "Napoleon" -- as you crane to see it, imagine him saying "Who's short now, English pig-dog!" Or something like that.The Absinthe Bar, named for the stuff that made Bohemian hearts grow fonder. Get yours classically dripped, or in cocktails like the Revived Numero Deux, with gin, mandarin, and Lillet.The Grill Room's original mirrors have been refurbed, so you can watch yourself claw at lobster w/ grain mustard macaroni, suckling pig stew, and coconut sorbet w/ roasted king pineapple, chilli & rum.The Ten Room, which serves up dishes like citrus tuna tartare and scallops w/ hazelnut & avocado -- smaller, simpler items that will leave you hungry for Dudley Moore.There's a plush private members club & spa, or you can settle into one of their five-star rooms -- the most private of members clubs, in that it'll be just you and a lady. Or just you.