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Watery eats in W1

Soho has always been a little bit raw, and now the folks from Spice Market have made it official, adding a sleek no-cook bar to their already elegant, moodily dark dining lounge

Moving across the countertop, you'll find them preparing oceanic goodness like this sashimi'd hamachi, aka buri, aka buried in avo, coriander, spring onions, and yuzu

Hidden beneath this chilli tapioca is a heap of shaved tuna, and surprisingly no razor clams

This hunk of diced salmon's been covered in radishes and a ginger dressing

Craving land-based rawness? The steak tartare gets mixed with some Chinese mustard, hot enough to turn you red

They'll also freshly cook & pack half a lobster into these Sriracha-laden Summer Rolls, which are thankfully available all year round instead of London's paltry annual 48hrs of hot weather. That would really be a raw deal.