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Tudor-style rotisserie chicken in Soho

Finally giving you a place to find juicy legs and breasts in Soho, one-item operation Clockjack Oven offers nothing but chicken roasted in a unique rotisserie with a bizarre history, which forms the beating heart of a cleanly industrial space whose slate, brick, and metal give the impression that the seating is an extension of the oven.This guy prepares herb-marinaded chicken for the spit. No, really, that's what he's doing.Thank god this sign is here.In a clockjack, the foodstuffs rotate around both the spit, and the central column of flame. This is the only one currently operating in the UK, but the things were originally a Tudor invention. After initially using children to do the turning, they actually created a special breed of dog to do it via hamster wheel. The finished product comes in either 3/4 pieces, or as a whole bird -- you can even have your chicken stuffed in a torpedo bun, if you sub out the fries. Those fries? They're double-cooked. You could also get 'slaw, or even additional chicken bites on the side, and a pint of London Pride to drown it -- after which, you won't be legging it anywhere.