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Bo London

Chinese and English cultures are strangely compatible, mostly because a) they understand that snooker is better than pool, and b) that whole, er, Hong Kong thing. That's exactly where Brit-born Chinese chef Alvin Leung has spent the last five years earning two Michelins for his brand of "x-treme" cuisine, which he's now fusing to our native chow in his Mayfair resto. The interior's orderly minimalism allows nature to intrude via coarse-cut granite, and green marble walls.Place settings set the fusion tone. More straightforwardly Asian items from his HK spot include this well-marbled wagyu w/ black truffle sauce & rice noodle rolls, and an oyster w/ green onion, ginger snow, and seaweed jelly, probably of weed that can get you higher than sea level.The main attraction's his Ode To Great Britain menu (hooray us!). This mackerel, rose & black sesame dish is proudly named "Cloud" (either after the Olympic installation, or the installations God's hung over us for eternity), and they've also got a very literal Toad In The Hole: frogs' legs in bone marrow & lotus leaf.To finish off: the native-aping Strawberry Cream & Chips, or this crispy glutinous rice dumpling filled w/ chocolate -- whether served here or there, it's sure to elicit ooze and ahs.