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Some of LA's biggest food and drink titans talk about sucky stuff

Because it's not all fun and games (unless you work at a Chuck E. Cheese, then it kinda is), we asked some of LA's best food personalities what made 'em most want to text each other sad winky faces

Jeremy Adler, GM, Eveleigh: Loss of Mezze Restaurant. No more delicious babka

Jared Meisler, Owner, Bar Lubitch, The Pikey, The Roger Room:Chick-Fil-A's bigotry. I've loved their sandwiches since I was a kid, but can't set foot in there since they came out against marriage equality. I miss that chicken, the pickles too.

Jason Kessler, writer; Bon Appetit, Food Republic: The build-up and let down of Barnyard. We had been hearing about Jeremy Fox's new place for months and all of a sudden, Jeremy Fox is no longer involved

Rachael Sheridan, Buyer, Cube: I live in Los Feliz and the Eastside is way under served. C'mon chefs out there. Hook us up! Our lack of good restaurants would be my biggest food disappointment of 2012. A girl can only eat so many orders of oysters and fries at L&E.

Hadley Tomecki, editor, Grubstreet: I was so excited for Short Order Burger that Umami Burger's Adam Fleischman accused me of working for Nancy Silverton. There's a lot I like about the concept, but far from my favorite burgers

Rob Floyd, Lead Bartender, The Bazaar at the SLS: People are still drinking dirty martinis. The olive juice is a toxic swill of formaldehyde. There's so much more available these days. The whole farm to table notion applies at the bar too. When you have a combination of fresh ingredients, great spirits, and culinary techniques, you can really extend the art of cuisine beyond the white linen table.

Lesley Bargar Suter, food editor, Los Angeles Magazine (and James Beard Award Winner): Losing Campanile, Angeli Caffe, and Mezze in the same year was a real blow to a restaurant scene that’s otherwise on the rise

Dan Dunn, radio host, Dan Dunn's Happy Hour:GQ Magazine missing the boat by about seven years when it anointed Abbot Kinney as "the Coolest Block in America" in its April issue. As a longtime local, I still love me the windy stretch of road between Main Street and Venice Blvd, but let's face it -- "cool" got evicted from Abbot Kinney a long time ago to make room for Jack Spade, A+R, and Aviator Nation. Plus, all the f***ing food trucks... enough! The GQ nod augurs for an even greater influx of insufferable hip-tards from the East, clogging up the sidewalk outside of Gjelina, getting in my way when I'm stumbling home from bars.