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What's gonna happen this year, for real

Published On 12/31/2012 Published On 12/31/2012

Because they aren't a bunch of Mayans, we asked some soothsaying food & drink super experts with actual predicting powers to make some guesses about 2013

Jared Meisler, Owner, The Pikey, Bar Lubitch, The Roger Room: Lots of love for California wine. We make some of the best stuff in the world, right here in California and it seems that people are more aware than ever

Jason Kessler, writer; Bon Appetit, Food Republic: I think we're going to see Uzbeki food and culture reach international prominence. Small plates will be ditched in favor of communal troughs. Sang Yoon will drown ironically in a vat of ketchup. Michael Voltaggio will invent edible silverware. Gangnam Style will be the new theme song for McDonald's, but the lyrics will be changed to Big Mac Style

Rob Floyd, Lead Bartender, The Bazaar by Jose Andres: I'm predicting a big push in edible cocktails. There's something really amazing about getting to experience the tactile nature of a cocktail not only on your tongue but on your fingers as well. It really heightens the whole experience

Hadley Tomecki, editor, Grub Street: I'll think we'll be seeing a lot more brands from Japan and other countries setting up in L.A. to prepare one or two super-specific staples very well, like we've seen this year at Tsujita and Hannosuke

Rachael Sheridan, Buyer, Cube: I'm most curious about what will replace kimchi and sriracha on menus. Maybe chef fermented concoctions and homemade hot sauces and vinegars? I'm a kimchi addict, but still, it's getting a little played out. As someone who is at the Farmer's Market every Wednesday I definitely predict more farmers are going to start calling out restaurants for using their names on menus, but not actually purchasing those ingredients from the farmer. It's in the air at the market. Don't bite the hand that grows your food.

Lesley Bargar Suter, food editor, Los Angeles Magazine (and James Beard Award Winner): Chefs will continue to illegally dry cure salumi and various whole-muscles, which will hopefully spur the city to make the permitting process easier. Casey Lane will headline the forthcoming Pasta-palooza. Umami Co. will do a whole bunch of stuff. We’re finally going to rival San Fran as a serious bread town. The Asian chef takeover will continue. Heart will be the organ meat du jour and a ton of people—including me—will pretend to like it

Adam Thomas, Executive Pastry Chef, The Beverly Wilshire: More casual Patisseries and Cafe's will pop up here and there, more casual dining in general, and fewer white table clothes & multi-course venues

Kat Odell, editor, Eater LA: Shake Shack to LA.



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