Where to take any type of mom on her special day

Brunch bloody Mary's

Because every mom is different, except the ones who've been kidnapped and cloned for nefarious scientific research, we're giving you the five best places to take every type of mom -- from the ones who like to party, to the ones who judge you harshly for all that partying you do with other people's moms: Nervous-Regarding-The-World MomToast8221 West 3rd Street; Mid-City West; 323.655.5018Though the lines can stretch for what seems like miles, Toast's popularity comes from two things. One: you're virtually guaranteed a celebrity spotting (though usually of the b-list reality-show kind). And, two: whatever your "dietary restrictions" are, they'll do it. Mom's scared of gluten? No problem. Can't eat fat? They'll take care of those yolks. Is terrified of her own shadow? You're on your own, buddy.Get more info on Toast, right hereFoodie MomWilshire2454 Wilshire Boulevard; Santa Monica; 310.586.1707Conveniently on Wilshire in SaMo, er, Wilshire's kitchen's headed by former Top Chef-testant Nyesha Arrington, who last year doled out goodness like a lobster omelet w/ tarragon creme fraiche and caviar, and a French toast w/ mascarpone whipped cream.If these sound delicious to you, click hereMom Who Hates Your Life ChoicesWolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air701 Stone Canyon Rd; Bel Air; 310.472.1211Placate your mom's disapproval of your lifestyle by getting her to pay for your tattoo removal taking her to Wolfgang Puck's hidden-away upscale hotel-staurant, where $120 gets you three courses, including blintzes, a white-cheddar biscuit benedict, and, uh, a bloody.Click here for more on this fancy-pants brunchParty MomBagatelle755 N La Cienega; Mid-Wilshire; 310.659.3900Does your mom like watching lithe young women pop bottles of champagne as much as you do? Of course she does, which's why you're taking her to Bagatelle. Food's secondary to the DJ, the table-dancing, and the sweet, sweet scent of her forgetting she's not 35 years younger.Get your party-brunch on!Very Old MomCanter's419 N Fairfax Ave; West Hollywood; 323.651.2030Fairfax's mainstay Kosher-style deli (yes, you can have cheese on your Reuben) is a perfect spot for old Mom because they have food she can eat (split pea soup! scrambles with a side of tomato!), a quiet second room, and waitresses who are easily old enough to be her mother, even if she's, like, 83.More info on this old institution, here

Exterior at Toast
Back patio at Wilshire
Interior of Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air
Party Brunch at Bagatelle LA
Canter's Deli in LA