Amazing fried-chicken sandwiches, on the street

Located right across from Vons on Vermont, Stall 239 is a street-food stand that, like Cher's pants, is totally seatless (!) and ready to serve you extra-cheap eats (like these lollipop chicken wings), almost all of which're under $5.That includes this bad-boy, a Korean sando with fried kimchi, mushrooms, garlic, marinated short rib, and, oh yeah, MASHED POTATOES on a ciabatta roll.Here's a non-GI-Joe-copyright-infringing Great American Hero, which's piled with pastrami and, ugh, vegetables.Then, there's this guy: a Taiwanese-style fried chicken patty topped with slaw on a Hawaiian roll. It's called the Angry Bird -- ironic, since it'll make you look a lot more like... a pig!Breakfast? Yeah. They're on it: egg, cheese, short rib, scallion pancake. Bam.Oh, and for dessert, they're deep-frying white-bread PB&Js, then slicing 'em and topping 'em with powdered sugar.All of this awesome is going down at this nondescript stand, aka something Cher should avoid depending on what pants she's wearing.