The Mozza peeps' meat palace

Italian for "Chewbacca's Euro cousin", Chi Spacca is an intimate ode to meat at the corner of Melrose & Highland, courtesy of the peeps behind two of the most lauded restaurants in LA: Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza.They're curing over 1000lbs of meat all the time inside this meat closet.That means salumi platters that also include bacon-tenderloin pates, which -- to Beyonce's chagrin -- are to the right (to the right).The non-cured part of the menu's split into three sections, each of which highlights a different cooking apparatus: a wood grill, a flattop grill, and this wood-burning oven.That leads to even more meat ridiculousness like this fall-off-the-bone, oxtail-like lamb neck, which's braised for 4hrs in its own juices.There's also this insane mushroom, which's stuffed with a five-spice pork/veal sausage.And this FORTY-TWO-OUNCE STEAK. Shhhhhh... it's resting.There's no hard A (or soft A for that matter), but they've got wines by the glass and a unique-ish program where the sommelier will do a custom pairing with your meal, with tiered pricing that start at just $25.Oh, and there's no sign with the name out front, plus the doors are opaque, which means this photo's pretty much the only way you'll find the place. Maybe print it out and keep it Han-dy?