A Spago vet's Hollywood gastrobistro

From the non-Kogi-Truck-guy behind A-Frame, Littlefork's the kind of modern bistro you'd take a girl you want to impress to (but not like "marry me!" impress, more like "let me see your boobs!" impress), thanks in part to a kitchen run by a Spago vet

Seating's in three separate-but-equally important parts: the police who investigate crime, and the... wait, no... the way-above retractable roof'd patio (there we go), the just-above non-retractable roof'd dining room..

...and the right-here bar, where a 'tender from a Michelin-starred CHI-town resto's mixing up amazingness like "The Maestro", w/ wheated bourbon, averna, cinnamon clove, & bitters

There's also this baby, with soon-to-be-added ginger beer, peppercorn, Thai basil, and gin dubbed the "Thai Town Mule", even though you're the one who'll probably be an ass after drinking it

Food includes this monkfish francaise w/ potato puree & garlic spinach -- plus they've also got classic seafood smallplates, like a Clams Casino that's bacon-stuffed, and on Kyra Sedgwick's s-list

Like you at 5a on April 20th, this pork has been smoking for five hours. It's then sliced and paired with bacon-brioche toast and three types of mustard.