Steak, seafood, and cocktails in Beverly Hills

From the grandchildren of a dude who opened a pharmacy in 1918 that's now the current site of the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, Bedford & Burns is a classy-but-not-too-classy American bistro just two blocks from where gramps' old shop used to be, with a library-like interior filled with tufted mohair velvets and Colonial wood paneling

Lucky for you, the three grandchildren behind the place were also behind the beloved Marmalade Cafe, all the more reason to jam awesome eats in your mouth like this filet w/ broccolini and roasted pee wee potatoes

They've also got classic seafood, including this seared yellowtail tartare that's topped with crispy wontons, and oysters from Lake Titicaca Fanny Bay

Also: butter-laden biscuits made with cheddar cheese dough

And the booze? Try any of 23 Belgian-leaning beers (+ Pliny the Elder), or something from their mostly classic cocktail list, like this Bulleit Rye & blood orange bitters-based Designer Fashion, or a Templeton-equipped Perfect Gentleman, the completion of which's sure to make you anything but.