You know the French Laundry? One of their chefs runs this Venice restaurant.

Using produce from a farm they actually own, Barnyard's a comfort food oasis set in a Venice location that's less "barn where Hershel keeps the walkers", and more "country house where Hershel's family hangs out until other walkers show up"

Food's from a dude who did time at The French Laundry, so you know a) his clothes smell like Tony Parker, and b) his food is gonna be good, whether it's his lamb w/ seared escarole & salsa verde, or this veggie-loaded roasted rabbit

But wait, there's more than just two dishes: they've also got these slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, and a braised sausage with cabbage, pickled carrots, and an egg that, unlike awesomely horned rhinoceroses, is soft-poached

Oh, and grab a drink on their patio. Unlike your Tom Cruise-heavy DVD collection, there're no cocktails, but they've got great beers, including eight taps w/ stuff like La Fin Du Monde and Chainbreaker IPA.