All-you-can-slurp noodles and all-you-can-drink booze? Yeah. That.

Surprisingly not a festival celebrating a college football game sponsored by those things old people love to float on in pools, Noodle Bowl Fest's actually a 3hr all-you-can-slurpapalooza, with contributions from classic soup-and-noodle houses (San Gabriel Valley's Din Tai Fung) as well as lauded, usually-solids-based spots (Seoul Sausage Co.). Oh, and free booze. Yeah

The Food: Seven restos are contributing the starchy stuff, with crazy-delicious, all-Asian options including oxtail and brisket pho from the James Beard semifinalist at MB Post, and duck noodle soup from Rodded, also an Illinois term for getting screwed by a well-coiffed governor

The Drinks: ... are totally included with the ticket price. They're gonna have beer from Singha, and a specialty cocktail called the La La Land w/ vodka, Aperol, raspberry, lemon & cucumber juices, celery bitters, and -- Ween fans rejoice! -- white pepper syrup

The Bonus: They've got music from the classical ensemble Street Symphony!!... So, um, yeah, enjoy those non-floating noodles.