These burgers are filled. With. Cheese.

Not just what Charlie Brown says whenever his female friend's all "Hey Chuck, what's the name of that couture brand that makes those super hot velour tracksuits?", Juicy Lucy is also a downtown hamburger stand in the Figat7th center, opened by a former Savory chef, who's making burgers FILLED WITH CHEESE.So, these burgers. Each of the patties're infused with a mix of brie, white American, and Swiss, then steeped in wine and aerated with nitrogen to give 'em a consistency they describe as "lava-like", and you describe as what you do on Facebook when someone posts a picture of Haleakala. From there, each's cooked in a controlled vapor oven for super moistness.Something that'll give you super moistness: French fries smothered with cheese and sriracha.Finally, wash it all down with a handful of shakes, including this chocolate-topped salted caramel, which sadly doesn't come with any Peppermint Patties.