The 10 Best Bagel Shops in Los Angeles

From family-run joints to old school delis and early AM food trucks.

Toasted on the outside and doughy on the inside, with baked-in toppings that range from sesame seeds and dried onion flakes to blueberries and cinnamon raisin, then topped with a generous smear of cream cheese, we don’t need a lot of convincing to celebrate National Bagel Day with our favorite carb-filled breakfast (or lunch) item. And while our city still has a ways to go before anyone requests an LA-style bagel, an ongoing stream of NYC migrants have helped local bagel shops perfect their recipes, leading to some really, really good choices around town.

So if you’re searching for a spot to celebrate another innocuous food holiday, you’re in luck: here are ten places in LA to get a good—or maybe even a really, really good bagel.

Courage Bagels


NY may be the most famous bagel city in the world, but there’s a vocal faction of fans that claim that Montreal-style bagels—wood-fired and boiled in honey-sweetened water—is even better. Courage agrees: their sorta-ramshackle looking Montreal-style bagels have become a huge hit, as has their sandwich menu, which includes a crazy number wild Alaskan salmon roe with cream cheese and dill.
How to order: Preorder by emailing them or walk-up to the window for pickup.

Yeastie Boys Bagels

Various locations

Evan Fox’s hilariously named hipster-bagel truck mini-empire is a reflection of the dude himself: Evan was once the face of Med Men’s billboards, and that stonerific side comes through in massive, super-fun named bagel sandwiches like the Rubenstein, stuffed with their custom pit-smoked pastrami, melted swiss, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on a hand-rolled everything bagel, which is served upside-down for even easier eating.
How to order: Follow the trucks on Twitter, place a pickup order via their website, or order delivery via DoorDash.

Originally just a passion project from chef Jason Kaplan, who started out baking a dozen bagels a day ‘til he got them just right, Maury’s has become a favorite of Angelenos looking for chewy gluten goodness. Though their sandwich station is closed during the current COVID surge, you can still order your favorite perfectly-baked bagel, some hot pepper schmear, and smoked fish for some DIY greatness.
How to order: Pickup orders available online. No walk-ins.

The Bagel Broker

West Hollywood

This classic, family-owned WeHo institution makes doughy, bubbly bagels that are first boiled, then baked. The menu’s full of classics like garlic and sesame as well as next-level choices like jalapeno-cheddar and a killer marble rye, any of which you can get lathered in schmear or with any number of sandwich toppings.
How to order: Stop by the store or order online for pickup; delivery via UberEats, DoorDash, Yelp, and Postmates.

Western Bagel

Various locations

This mini-chain’s got locations scattered around SFV as well as a post in West LA, and was actually the first bagel shop to land in LA: it was started by a Russian immigrant who’d first started baking in New York before moving out west. Nostalgia definitely colors their classic bagels for those of us that grew up in the Valley, and in recent years they’ve also launched “Alternative Bagels”—low-carb circles that come in roasted onion, wheat, cinnamon spice, and blueberry.
How to order: Stop by your nearest store for pickup or shop their online site.

This go-to spot on the westside offers Boar’s Head chorizo and Taylor ham as sandwich stuffing for their NY-style bagels, but the whipped cream cheese is also a compelling topping for their fresh-out-of-the-oven rings. They also offer a slew of subs and house-made sweets.
How to order: In-person pickup or call 310-391-6226 for takeout.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Beverly Hills and Westchester

This Florida-based (!) mini-chain swears that they “Brooklynize” their water to give their bagels an edge and whether it’s true or just genius marketing, the bagels have that distinctly New York give to them. Signature sandwiches include the meat-laden Brooklyn (with egg, bacon, sausage, ham, and American cheese) and the “healthy” Brownsville (egg white, turkey sausage, tomato and low-fat cream cheese).
How to order: In-person pickup or order delivery on GrubHub, Postmates, or UberEats.

Pop’s Bagels

Culver City

Originally a vendor at Smorgasburg, Pops is now a brick-and-mortar operation in Culver City’s Platform complex. Their bagels are made in small six-at-a-time batches, which helps explain the quality in their “LA-Style” light-and-chewiness—a direct response to the denseness of NY-style bagels. Homemade schmears include a buttermilk cream cheese as well as a vegan cashew-based option.
How to order: Fill out an online form to pickup or order delivery via Postmates.

This tiny relative newcomer (opened in 2019) has become a local hit thanks to delicious hand-rolled bagels (the EJC—everything bagel with jalapeno and cheddar—is a fave). They’ve got a killer bagel sandwich lineup too: the #3 has their own homemade gravlax with scallion cream cheese, salted cucumber, and all sorts of other veggies, while the lunchier #7 has soppressata and fontina cheese.
How to order: Online ordering for pickup and delivery through Toast. No walk-ins.

Belle's Bagels

Highland Park

Since 2012, Belle’s has been rolling, boiling, and baking bagels with no dough conditioners, topping both sides, and basically just making goodness as simply as possible. The menu is pretty straightforward: plain, salt, sesame, poppy, onion, or everything, with schmears including a lox cream cheese and a lemony roasted beet number; the garlic-sesame-herb shalom sauce is also a fave.
How to order: Order online for pickup or delivery through Caviar.