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The 19 Best Burgers in LA for Takeout/Delivery

Order from the comfort of your couch.

It’s super-ironic given our international reputation as a health-conscious city, but there’s no doubt: When Angelenos take a cheat day, they eat a burger (and a taco) (and a donut) (and maybe pizza, even though we’re not really a pizza town). As a result, we've got lots of great burger options in LA -- enough that it's worth highlighting the absolute best of the best. 

While many spots have unfortunately closed in the wake of COVID-19, there are still plenty of options you can safely choose from that are still open for takeout or delivery. Here are the finest spots to grab a burger, no matter where you are in Los Angeles.

HiHo Burgers
HiHo Burgers | Courtesy of Stan Lee

HiHo Cheeseburger

Santa Monica & Mid-City
The same minds that brought you Sugarfish and Uovo (which is right next door) are in charge of HiHo, which serves double-decker cheeseburgers made with wagyu beef from one specific (and delicious) New Zealand farm. The burgers are stacked with lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and onion jam served atop a toasted bun. 
How to order: Available for pickup and delivery via Postmates.

Grill 'Em All

The metal-influenced burger shop’s storefront in Alhambra, has kept going strong via all the standard delivery apps during the COVID crisis, which means hungry heshers can still choose between combinations like the Jump in the Fire (an unholy concoction of a burger topped with fried chicken, bacon, Sriracha, and maple between two waffles -- yes, waffles) and the more-standard Metallica, made with Swiss, avocado, bacon, and ranch.
How to order:  UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub or call 626-284-2874

Burgers 99

This new burger spot from the Badmaash boys opened just before this madness started -- March 2, meaning they were in operation for less than two weeks before being shut down. They thankfully have persevered, with nostalgia-fueled takes on some of the other burgers on this list: a double cheeseburger may remind you of a chain’s Double Double, and the Hickory Bacon burger will definitely hit the sweet spot if you don’t feel like trekking down Pico.
How to order:  Caviar

Courtesy of Cassell's
Courtesy of Cassell's


Koreatown & Downtown
This reopened and revitalized version of the long-closed LA classic nails its burgers, the classic version of which is made from grass-fed ground beef and topped with Thousand Island, tomatoes, onions, and pickles on a Parker House bun. Don’t sleep on the patty melt, though: David Chang has called it the best version he’s ever tasted. They’re doing full grill kits to-go and for delivery via all the big delivery apps on top of their regular menu, so if you want to stock up on burgers (or are holed up with a crew you need to cook for) Cassell’s has you covered.
How to order:  ChowNow for both DTLA and Ktown locations.

Bill's Hamburgers (aka Bill & Hiroko's Burgers)

Sherman Oaks
It seems that no one really knows the proper name of this blink-and-you’ll miss it, postcard-sized, Oxnard Street stand, but it doesn’t matter: what you do know is that even during the pandemic, Bill  will be there (like he has been for the past 50-something years) and, maybe more importantly, Bill’s grill will still be there too; the perfectly seasoned flat-top adds an extra something-something to griddled double cheeseburgers that simultaneously taste like childhood and the best thing you’ve had since then. Bill, who’s 93 years old, has threatened to retire soon, so now maybe is the time to go get the takeout you’ve been putting off, before he actually hangs his spatula up.
How to order: Call 818-785-4086 for pickup; walk-up service.

The Standing Room

Redondo Beach & Hermosa Beach
Both locations of the Standing Room are offering their menu to-go and via the big delivery apps, which means you can load up on the massive patties, with toppings like braised short rib that have made them favorites not just for local beach-dwellers, but a destination for burger lovers as well.
How to order: Via Toast app.


Multiple locations
Why is this perennial fave on this list of otherwise non-chain spots? Because a Double Double (especially if you add peppers) still hits the spot like no other. If you’re in a hurry, though, you may want to go elsewhere: since COVID times hit, the lines have been looooooooonnnnnngggggggg.
How to order: Pick-up or drive-through at all locations

Plan Check
Courtesy of Dylan + Jeni

Plan Check

West LA
Now serving takeout and delivery out of its original haunt in West LA, this beloved burgery emerged during the same burger craze era that gave us Umami Burger -- and then blasted past that now-ubiquitous chain quality-wise, with bigger, juicier patties that are consistently, gorgeously drippy. You can’t go wrong with any of their options, from their classic PCB (with the much-lauded “ketchup leather,” essentially a solid version of the condiment) to the Chef’s New Favorite, topped with Swiss, bacon, chopped chilies, and avocado spread.
How to order:  Postmates or ChowNow

Father's Office

Culver City and Santa Monica
“But,” you may argue, “the Father’s Office burger was the best burger in LA, like, 10 years ago, grandpa?” OK, that’s true. But knocking the FO burger is sort of like knocking Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: without it, all the greatness that came afterwards would never be able to exist. And it still tastes (and sounds) pretty great, even after getting delivered via DoorDash (Downtown is currently closed due to the crisis).
How to order:  DoorDash or takeout/pickup by calling either location.

Alexander's Steakhouse
Alexander's Steakhouse

Alexander's Steakhouse

So this is smart: This steakhouse takes the leftover choppings from their wagyu steaks and grinds them together for this beast, and then tops it with Camembert, cheddar, tomato, red onion, and marrow mayo, all on a miso Dutch crunch bun. They’re not offering delivery on it, but this bad boy’s still available for takeout during lockdown.
How to order: Call 626-486-1111 or head to their website.

Hinano Cafe

Can you imagine the outcry if we didn’t put this Westside staple on a list of the best burgers in town? When you’re not stuck at home, this all-American, perfectly salted, freshly made patty is the best late-night option near the beach and tastes even better topped with a hot dog, especially if you’re a few drinks in when you get it -- which you can do these days between 8am-8pm.
How to order: Order via DoorDash

Love Hour

Originally a pop-up, then a stand at Smorgasburg, and finally a brick-and-mortar at The Line in KTown, Love Hour hits the still-going smashburger trend with thin, crispy, oniony, cheesy greatness. For lockdown, they’re actually doing a Wed-and-Sat-only “drive-in” concept, where you pre-order and then roll up in your hooptie to enjoy the goodness; you can also pick up a home-making kit with food for four on Saturdays.
How to order: Pre-order for Wed and Sat at Love-Hour.com

Everson Royce Bar

Nearly immediately after opening, this Downtown gastropub started getting raves for its deceptively simple and petite burger, made by a Mozza alum and is topped with Tillamook cheddar, a fresh-chuck single patty, and mayo. And that’s about it -- but in one bite, you’ll realize you don’t need much more. 
How to order: Delivery via Caviar

golden state burger
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

The Golden State

It’s easy to forget this no-frills Fairfax institution, especially since its owners have gone on to open superlative restaurants in other categories (looking at you for BBQ, Bludso’s; and pizza, Prime; and breakfast burritos, Cofax!) But their burger still remains among the city’s best, mostly because it’s always cooked to perfect medium-rareness, and their ratio of patty-to-bun-to-cheese-to-bacon is impeccable. 
How to order:  Caviar for delivery during COVID, or you can always stop by for takeout as well.

26 Beach

Santa Monica
This brunch spot has been a quiet burger-game contender for years, since the restaurant’s sandwiches are often overshadowed by its (stellar) scrambles. Don’t sleep on these monstrous burgers, though, especially the weird ones -- spicy tuna may seem like an oddball topping for a burger, but it seriously works. Seriously. And right now if you’re nearby you can get a great deal: it’s 26% off direct orders for pickup during the safer-at-home order.
How to order: Call 310-823-7526 and order directly for a 26% discount.

Apple Pan
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

The Apple Pan

West LA
It made headlines early in the pandemic when this classic restaurant announced they were delivering for the first time in its storied history, and for good reason: it’s an LA standby that hasn’t changed in decades. Get the Hickory burger (some people may tell you to get the Steakburger; those people are wrong), and you’ll be hit with nostalgia for a time you probably never even experienced, when burger joints were called soda fountains, everyone behind the counter was a gruff old man, and the sweet, savory taste of smoky sauce and crisp iceberg was as heavenly as it could get.
How to order: via Postmates or call 310-475-3585.

pie 'n burger
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Pie 'N Burger

Constantly on Best Burger lists of all kinds, this LA diner staple that opened in 1963 is a must-hit that is fortunately still serving in the era of COVID. Pie ‘N Burger is doing takeout per usual of their stone-cold, simple classic, but once you eat it once, you have to eat it again. And again.
How to order: Call 626-795-1123 for takeout.


Eagle Rock
Disciples of the Oinkster crow on and on about its classic Angus beef-pattied burgers, and they’re absolutely right to do so. They’ve essentially perfected the burger with a perfect salt-to-meat ratio that makes it a shame the Hollywood location closed a couple years ago -- but blessed that Eagle Rock’s still doing pickup and delivery.
How to order: Via ChowNow

jitlada burger
Jo Stougaard @MyLastBite


Thai Town
This ultra-spicy burger was famously off-menu for years, but the colorful owner/chef Sarintip "Jazz" Singsanong has finally added her eponymous patty to the actual menu; the beef is marinated in palm sugar and garlic before being topped with Thai basil and chili, and is wrapped in lettuce instead of buns, for extra crunch (and no extra carbs) (which means you can also order the pad Thai). Order pickup if you can: though they’re on GrubHub for delivery Jazz has taken to Instagram Live to complain about service charges hurting her business, plus actually going by and seeing her will give you a serotonin-inducing smile you didn’t even know you’ve been missing.
How to order: Call 323-667-9809.

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