10 Delicious Dosiraks to Try in Los Angeles

Make this Korean lunch box your new go-to.

Bulgogi Hut
Photo courtesy of Bulgogi Hut

An awed hush falls over each table at Korean BBQ restaurant Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong when the dosirak is brought to the table. Enclosed in a silver metal box, the mixture of rice, fried egg, seaweed, anchovy, and kimchi is shaken like a martini until all the ingredients are evenly distributed, before serving.

In Korean, the word dosirak translates into lunch box. Dosiraks are a common meal that is packed at home or purchased on the go to be enjoyed at school or work. They are often served in a box with compartments, but can also be found in boxes without compartments that are usually shaken before eating.

The dosirak is similar to a Japanese bento box, and you’ll sometimes see them listed on menus as Korean bento boxes. The typical dosirak is meant to be a complete meal, including bap (rice), a main dish with fish or meat, a selection of banchan (Korean side dishes), and soup. The main difference between a dosirak and bento is in the ingredients—where a bento would feature chicken teriyaki as its main, a dosirak might include a Korean BBQ entree instead. Also missing from a Japanese bento would be kimchi and other traditional Korean banchan.

Many of the dosiraks on this list were born during the pandemic, as an easy vehicle to serve a Korean BBQ meal. Sadly, Spoon by H has shuttered, and their famously stunning 24-item dosirak is no longer available. Luckily, there are still plenty of places where you can get your fix, keep reading for ten of our favorite dosiraks in LA.

Photo courtesy of Hanchic

Justin Min spent years cooking at DTLA’s Little Sister before opening hanchic in 2020. One of the newest items on their menu is their temple bibimbap. It’s a striking vegetarian dish served in a traditional dosirak tin, featuring soy-braised lotus root, rainbow-colored cauliflower, bellflower root, seasonal namul, kimchi, and egg served on a bed of rice. hanchic.’s inventive menu is a fusion of French, Italian, and Korean cuisines. Another must-try menu item is their creamy bouillabbong stew—a play on a Korean spicy seafood noodle called jjamppong, and bouillabaisse.
How to order: Walk-ins welcome for outdoor dining. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available via DoorDash.

 Jook Hyang
Photo by Kaila Yu, courtesy of Jook Hyang

This family-owned restaurant serves healthy and nutritious Korean food, minus the MSG. They offer a large selection of dosirak mains, including bulgogi, kalbi, grilled pork patty, short rib, spicy pork, braised abalone, or fried fish. Their generous dosirak includes 11 total items, including japchae or salad, kimchi, a Korean omelet, a daily cold soup such as dongchimi, and a choice of white or Korean purple rice. Some of the daily sides may include kongjang (soy-braised soybeans), extremely tender and flavorful gamja jorim (braised potatoes), eomuk bokkeum (Korean fish cakes), kkwarigochu-jjim (steamed shishito pepper), seasoned mung bean sprouts, pickled green chili pepper Korean pickled radish, and more. Jook Hyang is also known for its healing ginseng chicken soup and porridges. We recommend also trying out their pumpkin and abalone porridge.
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available on GrubHub.

Photo by Kiki Wongo, courtesy of Soowon Galbi

Soowon Galbi is one of the top Korean BBQ spots in town, a neighborhood institution for over 20 years, they added dosiraks to their menu as a quick and convenient way to enjoy their Korean BBQ when indoor and outdoor dining closed last year. Their dosirak impresses with one of the most elegant presentations on this list. There are five savory choices for the main, including their signature garlic-soy marinated galbi, chicken, spicy pork, or bulgogi. Also included are generous portions of rice and japchae noodles and three daily rotating banchan. Lastly, it comes with a cup of daily soup, with its own designated spot in the dosirak designed right into the box. 
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates, the dosirak is available only after 5 PM. Delivery also available via UberEats.

Harvard Heights
All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ is the specialty at Road to Seoul. They are known for their prime-choice meats, several of which you can sample in their dosirak, which comes with a choice of seven mains, including beef brisket, bulgogi, spicy bulgogi, LA galbi, spicy pork bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, and spicy chicken bulgogi. Also included is rice, salad, japchae, two thick slices of their popular steamed egg, and three banchan: potato salad, fishcakes, and a daily vegetable. 
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery also available via GrubHub.

Bulgogi Hut
Photo courtesy of Bulgogi Hut

There’s usually a wait at this busy AYCE Korean BBQ spot, but you can beat the crowds by ordering their dosirak to-go. There are two kinds of dosirak to choose from, the more traditional lunch box style and their SSamBap version. The traditional dosirak has a choice of eight mains, including charred and garlicky pork belly, bulgogi, marinated chicken, hot and spicy pork, thin-sliced brisket, hot and spicy squid, pork belly, and LA galbi; and also comes with a fresh salad, japchae, fishcakes, kimchi, macaroni salad, and spicy marinated tofu. It’s finished off with rice topped with a sunny side up egg and comes with a miso soup. Ssambap is a Korean lettuce wrap and the ssambap dosirak comes with the same selection of mains and a fresh salad, while some of the sides are replaced with large leaves of romaine lettuce for wrapping and tangy Ssamjang sauce. If you’re still hungry, make sure to pick up some of their addictive Korean fried chicken, which has been especially popular this past year. 
How to order: Walk-ins welcome for outdoor dining. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available via Caviar

Different menu items and banchan are available every day at Hansoldoshirak, a mom-and-pop shop that specializes in doshiraks. Their focus is on catering and group orders and they require a minimum order of ten doshiraks—perfect for office lunches or family gatherings. The basic dosirak includes rice, steamed egg, and a selection of seven rotating banchans. They also have a VIP dosirak which includes a main dish selection of grilled fish, beef bulgogi or galbi, tempura, kimbap, five banchan, and soup. If you’re looking for a dosirak that tastes just like grandma's cooking, this is the place.
How to order: If you speak Korean, you can call to order for pick up at 213-487-3550. For English speakers, send an order via text message to the same number.

Kobawoo House
Photo courtesy of Kobawoo House

The specialty at Kobawoo House is bossam, a traditional Korean dish that features sliced succulent pork with a selection of different wrappings. Served in a lunchbox, their dosirak is an affordable way to sample their bossam and comes with a generous portion of tender pork, thinly sliced pink radish, the delicate inner leaves of a napa cabbage, musaengchae (spicy radish salad), and saeujeot (salted shrimp). Top it all off with a side of rice or forbidden rice and doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew).
How to order: Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available via GrubHub.

Yellow Cow BBQ
Photo courtesy of Yellow Cow BBQ

This woman-owned Korean BBQ restaurant is open 365 days a year and has not closed a single day during the pandemic. Their dosirak is the most popular takeout item on the menu, featuring only USDA Prime meat. There are six different options for the mains: rich and juicy bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, marinated pork ribs, chicken, pork katsu, and spicy stir-fried squid. Also included are a daily soup, salad, fresh fruit, rolled egg omelet, and five rotating banchan sides. Doshirak catering is also available for weddings and events.
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available via UberEats.

Located in the OC suburb of Fullerton, this spot is well-worth the drive from LA. The homestyle restaurant specializes in dosirak and other takeout-only dishes such as kimbap and dumplings. It’s found in a nondescript strip mall and the dosirak lunch boxes are stacked on the counter, ready to go. Made fresh throughout the day, the dosiraks often sell out during lunch so make sure to phone in your order in advance. The selection for the mains includes luxurious beef bulgogi, pork bulgogi, pork cutlet, shrimp cutlet, grilled salmon, unagi, and spicy squid. This all comes with rice, three slices of rolled egg omelets, and five rotating banchan. The dosirak also comes with a boba ice cream for dessert.
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Takeout orders can be placed by calling 714-732-3084 or ordered via Postmates. Delivery available via Postmates and DoorDash. 

Wilshire Center
At Hae Jang Chon, high-quality all-you-can-eat smoke-kissed Korean BBQ is the specialty of the house. Their meats are grilled on a two-inch-thick Korean stone grill that absorbs excess oil. Instead of one single lunch box tray, Hae Jang Chon’s dosirak switches it up with three separate trays. One tray includes a hefty portion of the main, another includes three of their most popular sides: fishcakes and green peppers, marinated spinach, and sliced daikon radish kimchi. The last tray is filled with rice and a selection of house-marinated pickles. 
How to order: Walk-ins welcome, although there is often a wait. Order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery is also available via UberEats

Currently, Magal Korean BBQ is only open in the evening after 5 pm. Their dosirak comes with a side of cold Korean noodles and has a selection of four mains including mapo beef galbi, grilled spicy chicken, grilled spicy pork, and beef bulgogi. If you are extra hungry, make sure to order their gorae gamja tang, a Korean stew with falling-off-the-bone-tender pork with dried cabbage. Also unique to their restaurant is the cockle bibimbap. 
How to order: Walk-ins welcome, order pickup and delivery via Postmates. Delivery-only available at GrubHub.

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