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Where to Order Takeout & Delivery in LA Right Now

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RiceBox | Courtesy of @lastname.ip
RiceBox | Courtesy of @lastname.ip

Restaurants and their employees are hurting, hamstrung by temporary government regulations designed to restrict the spread of COVID-19. But they’re providing a valuable service to healthcare workers and the elderly, who are at especially high-risk from COVID-19 if they leave home, along with parents who no longer have access to outside child care. And since waiting in supermarket lines isn’t exactly conducive to social distancing, restaurants are providing culinary lifelines, serving special menus, entirely new dishes, and even selling key ingredients from their pantries for home cooks. Here’s a list of restaurants offering compelling pickup and delivery, plus recommended dishes. For a more complete list, refer to the dineL.A. To Go website.

[This situation is fluid, so call ahead to restaurants to confirm offerings are still available.]

Focaccia Pizza from Antico

East Larchmont
Vaunted chef Chad Colby has earned a well-deserved reputation for making craggy, crusty Italian focaccia and showcasing seasonal SoCal ingredients in pastas and plates. Under COVID-19, he’s launched a “focacceria & ice cream” concept featuring his signature bread as the base for pizza that feeds 4-6 people. Antico also sells wine at a 30% discount, Caesar salad, and pints of luxurious fresh-spun ice cream in flavors like honeycomb and vanilla almond crunch. Dinner for Four includes all of the above items.
Cost: $20-$38 for a choice of six pizzas. Order pickup (preferred) by calling 323-510-3093.

Hot Bento Box from Eagle Rock Brewery Public House

Eagle Rock
Not many brewpubs get this ambitious with food. Jerry Su, ERB co-founder Ting Su’s younger brother, smokes meat in-house and adds beer to fried cod batter. For this edited all-day menu, Jerry also incorporates Southern influences into dishes like fried chicken and cornmeal biscuits available with either honey mustard butter or country ham gravy. Their California bento box combines brown rice with baby broccoli, kimchi crabapple, marinated egg, and a choice of crispy pork belly, garlic shrimp, or chicken. Select Eagle Rock Brewery cans and bottles are also available for pickup, and they also sell provisions like house-made ricotta, fermented hot sauce, and chicken stock.
Cost: $14, available for pickup

Zucca Pizza from Ronan 

Young couple Caitlin and Daniel Cutler strive to keep their dream alive on Melrose. Some of L.A.’s best pizza is still available for curbside pickup or delivery. The Zucca with zucchini shavings and blossoms -- and lemon -- is a beauty, served with peppery stracciatella on the side so the crust doesn’t get soggy. Inspired by Super Mario Bros, the 1UP teams mushrooms with pea tendrils, caciocavallo cheese, and sherry vinegar. If you'd rather make your pizza at home, Ronan also sells $5 dough balls and sauce pints. Meanwhile, the crispy grilled chicken with pistachio olive pesto is one of LA’s best birds; order for the sake of balance. 
Cost: Pizzas costs $19-27, $24 for Zucca. Order by calling 323-917-5100.

Tamales from Broken Spanish

Ray Garcia, one of California’s leading modern Mexican food practitioners, has identified artisanal tamales as a potential hero in these treacherous times. Fillings vary, but may feature chicken tinga, turkey mole, and deboned lamb neck meat. They also serve a kale & mushroom version for leaf eaters. For Tuesday nights, Garcia recently revived his more casual concept, B.S. Taqueria, selling $15 taco plates featuring organic corn tortillas and toppings like chorizo & potato and mushroom & garlic that come with chips, salsa, and pinquito beans. Saturday mornings bring brunch burritos featuring Burritos La Palma flour tortillas and atypical protein choices like braised oxtail and duck chorizo. Agave-based spirits and cocktails highlight grab-and-go beverages.
Cost: Tamales cost $36 per dozen, a dollar less for the veg version. Available through curbside pick-up by calling 213-749-1460.

Porridge + Puffs
Porridge + Puffs | Courtesy of Michael Tyrone Delaney

The Gold Set Meal at Porridge + Puffs

Historic Filipinotown
Minh Phan, the chef who’s known for seasonality, minimizing food waste, and flavor, pivoted to a collaborative “provisions shop” to stem Corona’s flow. They sell vivid porridges, salads, and banh mi. The late Jonathan Gold and their three-course, Thursday night PINCH dinners, which make the most of undervalued ingredients, inspired “Gold set meals.” Better yet, proceeds from these meals help to feed 100 first responders per week. Other creations include umami trail mix, prickly ash oil, and atypical pickles like ume daikon and apricot jicama. Flowers and facemasks provide much-needed self-care opportunities. 
Cost: The Gold Set Meal costs $25-$30.

Emergency Taco Kit from Guerrilla Tacos 

Chef Wes Avila and business partner Brittney Valles are going so big with their combo that a towering T-rex is the deal’s mascot on their Instagram poster. They packaged 5 pounds of roasted chicken with 5 pounds of carne asada, a quart each of red and green salsa, tortillas, rice, and beans. Their special kit also comes with two staples that quickly became scarce: one roll of toilet paper and 30 eggs. Other “emergency” kits spotlight nachos, sweet potato tacos, margaritas, and special, experimental riffs like “Guerrilla Steak House.” With food packages like this, Guerrilla Tacos continues to prove that “LA Don’t Play,” even during a crisis.
Cost: $149, available for pickup through their special website.

Chivi Party from Sonoratown 

This Fashion District phenom from Teodoro Diaz-Rodriguez, Jr. and Jennifer Feltham is supplementing their regular menu with four monster family meals that are available through curbside pickup or delivery. Chivichangas, compact Sonora-style burritos, feature the restaurant’s stupendous house-made flour tortillas. Their “chivi party” includes six chivichangas with shredded beef and/or chicken fillings, two bean and cheese burritos, chile de arbol and tomatillo salsas, and the requisite fixins.
Cost: $30, available for pickup by calling 213-628-3710 or for delivery through Caviar

Family-Style Dinner from Vespertine

Culver City
Jordan Kahn’s space-aged Hayden Tract monolith, which normally requires a minimum $295 and multi-hour commitment, is serving share-friendly meals that are a bit more down to earth. The menu changes, but the initial offering packaged six dishes with two small desserts, including Wagyu beef brisket served with griddled Indian parathas, roasted chicken thighs, roasted black carrot salad, and a chocolate almond brown butter brownie. Another week, Kahn revived dishes from his bygone Vietnamese restaurant Red Medicine, and he recently featured a Southern supper based on experiences he had growing up in Savannah. 
Cost: $65 per person for pickup or delivery.


Uber Eats

Your brunch, dinner, and late-night cravings haven’t changed just because you’re staying safe indoors. Fortunately you can still get all of your favorite dishes delivered right to your door, while also supporting the restaurant industry that has given you so many meals and memories. Uber Eats is making it possible for you to give directly to your favorite restaurants at checkout, and 100% of contributions go directly to the restaurants. You can also eat, save, and support local restaurants with a one-month free trial of their Eats Pass. Uber will give $1 to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund for every new Eats Pass subscriber. See app for details.

Chicken Fried Pork Chop from APL Restaurant 

Adam Perry Lang is best known for his beef, whether that involves taking aging to untold depths, or smoking brisket with finesse rarely seen in LA. He’s got a streamlined menu of greatest hits to-go, including ribeye with horseradish cream, matzo ball soup, and a wedge salad draped with house-smoked, thick-cut bacon. The crisis has also motivated new ways to serve APL’s abundant meat, including specials like honey lemon chicken thighs with wild grains and braised greens, and a powerhouse sandwich featuring a bone-in, chicken-fried pork chop with spicy slaw on a squishy Martin’s potato roll. Bonus: Perry Lang partnered with friend Jimmy Kimmel to feed people in need by matching meals through St. Joseph Center.
Cost: $16. Order curbside pick-up by calling 323-416-1280.

Cosa Super from Cosa Buona

Echo Park
The lights are dark at sister restaurant Alimento, but Zach Pollack and crew are still working by night at this neighborhood Italian-American gem. The COVID-19-specific deal feeds up to five or six people, and includes two orders of garlic bread and a choice of two salads, two antipasti, and two pizzas. Imagine a meal with smokey mozzarella sticks, meatballs, Caesar salad, chopped salad, pepperoni and Hawaiiana pizzas. Since “desperate times call for lots of wine,” over 30 discounted bottles are also available.
Cost: $69, and $94 for a “Deluxe” version that includes a choice of wine. Schedule curbside pick-up by calling 213-908-5211.

Frozen Dumplings from Apt. Li Xiang 

This popular Taiwan import is open for pickup, offering award winning braised beef soup (add noodles) and handmade dumplings from their freezer. Six different dumpling varieties are available to boil, pan-fry or steam at home, including classic coriander cabbage pork, more substantial black pepper onion beef, and luxurious “big prawns” with leek sprouts and seafood. Frozen dumplings can last for weeks… if you let them.
Cost: Dumpling packets cost $30-50, depending on the type. Call ahead to 626-348-8335 to confirm your chosen dumpling is in stock, or simply swing by the restaurant freezer.

Bento Boxes from Iki Ramen

This restaurant typically warrants attention for yuzu shio ramen and high-value omakase, and now busts out compelling Japanese combo plates with a range of proteins to deal with COVID-19. Buta kakuni (braised pork belly) is the most indulgent offering on their limited menu, though chicken karaage and miso black cod are also tempting. No matter your choice, bento boxes come with black sesame-showered white rice, crispy ebi (sweet shrimp) with yuzu aioli, kale tantan men (dressed with spicy sesame miso), seaweed sunomono, pickled tomato, and crab. All sake, beer, and wine costs 25% less with food.  
Cost: $17 for braised pork belly, and up to $30 for other bento boxes, call for pickup at 424-335-7749.

Nightly Family Dinners from The Arthur J

Manhattan Beach
David LeFevre and his talented crew (who he’s hiring back as takeout momentum builds) are serving an abbreviated version of their Mid-century Modern steakhouse menu, along with bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits from sister restaurant M.B. Post. Beef is The Arthur J’s core business, so by all means get at least one steak. Family dinners feed 4-6 people, rotate weekly, and feature entrees like cumin and coriander roasted halibut and herb roasted beef tenderloin. They also added “home essentials boxes” for $75 that include staples like protein, eggs, pasta, and vegetables to cook at home.
Cost: $60-$90. Order pickup by phone at 310-878-9620.

Family Meal from Pitfire Pizza

6 LA County Locations
American Gonzo Food Corporation’s respected local chain is packaging “Pitfire Provisions” during the pandemic, including share-friendly packages that feed 4 people. Their family meal includes 1 chopped salad, 1 Say Cheese pizza, 1 Zoe’s pepperoni pizza, baked mac & cheese and 2 chocolate chip cookies. They’re also offering $22 sangria pitchers and 15% off bottled/canned wine and beer.
Cost: $45, available for pickup by calling individual branches and by delivery through their website.

RiceBox | Courtesy of @lastname.ip

Build Your Own Box from RiceBox 

Lydia Lee and husband Leo specialize in Cantonese BBQ in the historic Spring Arcade Building. They’ve become known for serving barbecued, braised, poached, and roasted meats in rice boxes with gailan and pickles. There are also two-or-three-item "Build your own box” combo plates, where you can mix-and-match proteins like crispy seven-spice porchetta spooned with salsa verde, roasted honey-glazed BBQ pork, and soy-poached chicken served with ginger scallion sauce. They also added Saturday-only whole roast duck.
Cost: $17 for three items, available by phone at 213-988-7395. 

Bar Restaurant
Bar Restaurant | Courtesy of Emilio Perez

Family Meal from Bar Restaurant

Silver Lake
Douglas Rankin’s avant-garde-but-approachable cooking is more straightforward under COVID-19’s invisible shadow, and diners are benefiting with takeout. The Family meal, normally reserved for staffers before dinner service, is currently available to the general public and rotates nightly; it could be baked ziti Bolognese, grass-fed beef chili with Rancho Gordo cranberry beans or a Basque style tuna melt. “Market boxes” for home cooks feature meat, fish or vegetables, all geared toward cooking balanced meals.
Cost: $17, schedule a pickup time through their website

Patita from Spoon & Pork 

Silver Lake
This colorful addition to the Filipino Food Movement from longtime friends Jay Tugas and Ray Yaptinchay serves hearty plates perfectly suited to a crisis. The patita is particularly comforting, with slow-cooked and then deep-fried pork shank coated with potent chile vinegar garlic sauce. Coco Jack is nearly as enticing (though meat-free), featuring jackfruit stewed in aromatic coconut milk with fermented black beans and chile oil, served over purple rice berries.
Cost: $24, with delivery available. Get a 20% discount on prepaid curbside pickup by calling 323-922-6061.

Larder from Birdie G’s

Santa Monica
Jeremy Fox’s indefinable concept draws on Midwestern and Jewish traditions, and their “larder” is just as eclectic. Access their walk-in fridge and pantry for flavor boosters like gribenes, green chile hot sauce and merguez sausage drippings. They’re also selling house-made deli meats like corned beef tongue and green olive bologna by the pound, plus family size prepared dishes such as grass-fed beef meatloaf with smoked bacon and braised “Utica” greens. Birdie G’s is also selling cocktails designed for 3-6 people, plus beer and wine.
Cost: $2-$15, with pickup available by phone at 310-310-3616.

Family Meal from Cassia

Santa Monica
The lauded Southeast Asian restaurant from Chef Bryant Ng and wife Kim Luu-Ng packaged some of their greatest hits into a blowout family meal. Choose one salad, two appetizers, two rice or noodle dishes, and get bittersweet Vietnamese coffee pudding with a dippable dark chocolate cookie for dessert. An abbreviated a la carte menu is also available, along with three dishes from their bygone Cassia Rice & Noodle Kitchen concept: lemongrass chicken fried rice, wonton noodle soup, and scallion clay oven bread (aka naan) with scallion garlic butter and herbs.
Cost: $110-$280, depending on the head count.

Tagliatelle Pasta Kit from Rossoblu

This standout regional Italian restaurant from Steve Samson and wife Dina recently turned back on their lights in the Fashion District after a brief break. A lean crew, led by chef Samson and in-house sfoglino Francesco Allegro, prepare a focused selection of cook-at-home pasta dishes. Their ethereal hand-rolled pasta is particularly great, especially when paired with ragù Bolognese, a hearty meat sauce slow-cooked with an impressive beef blend, mortadella, pork shoulder, and prosciutto. Rossoblu is also selling ready to eat plates like lasagne and eggplant Parm and essential old-school pasta making tools: a mattarello (rolling pin) and pasta rolling board.
Cost: $17 for the pasta, $7 for ragù Bolognese and $4 for tomato sugo. Pasta kits feed two people and are available through curbside pickup on their website.

Dosirak from Spoon by H

Yoonjin Hwang’s family-run restaurant and dessert shop exploded in popularity in the past year thanks to head cheerleader David Chang. For tough times, they’ve introduced a supercharged version of the classic Korean compartmentalized lunch box called dosirak. As Wonho Frank Lee detailed for Eater LA, this meal encompasses 24 different components, ranging from bone-in galbi jjim (short rib) to kimchi pancake, japchae, and a single deep-fried mandu. Regular menu items are also available.
Cost: $30. Schedule curbside pickup by calling 323-930-0789 or texting 805 876-4742. 

Mie Goreng Ramen Burrito from Bone Kettle

The always resilient Tjahyadi brothers bounced back to reopen in April after two weeks closed. In doing so, the Indonesian-born duo revived some of the most creative fusion dishes from their dearly departed concept, Komodo. Mie goreng burrito pays homage to their homeland, wrapping ramen noodles with runny fried egg, scallions, fried garlic and Chinese sausage in a flour tortilla. Their phorrito (pho burrito) is also available, and they plan to roll out other signature dishes like kimchi nachos and Southeast Asian tacos. In the meantime, Bone Kettle’s regular menu is also active, including fragrant bone broth, flavorful beef cuts, and oxtail dumplings.
Cost: $12, available by calling 626-795-5702 to schedule pick-up.

Bavel at Home from Bavel

One of the Arts District’s hottest restaurants came roaring back from a brief hiatus with an inspired family meal from celebrated chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis that features their modern Middle Eastern cooking. The couple’s share-friendly menu changes weekly and combines a mix of starters, salads, protein-centric entree and dessert. Bavel’s most recent meal included some of LA’s creamiest hummus, Wagyu short rib tagine, and "super delicious not-Middle Eastern-at-all" chocolate cake. Sister restaurant Bestia offers an equivalent dinner package and an Italian focus.
Cost: $49 per person for 2-6 people.

Kaiseki Jūbako from n/naka

Niki Nakayama and partner Carole Iida-Nakayama have created an aspirational California kaiseki experience in an unlikely neighborhood. Reservations became particularly tough after the couple appeared on Chef’s Table, and their grab-and-go pandemic meals are similarly in-demand, selling out quickly. The menu shifts, but dishes might involve braised Monterey Bay abalone, crispy lobster karaage, and market-driven sushi and sashimi. A more basic, but still impressive bento box is also available.
Cost: $85 per person for 1-8 people, with a portion of proceeds benefiting beloved purveyors.


Bacon Cheeseburger from Papilles

Santos Uy’s strip mall bistro has pivoted to a lunch concept that he’s wanted to launch for awhile, fueled by a pair of powerhouse sandwiches. ⅓-lb smash burgers sear on a cast-iron griddle and join grilled onions, pickles and special sauce on toasted Martin’s potato buns. The fried chicken sandwich features a buttermilk marinated breast, pickles, and mayo on the same bun. They also operate a grocery that sells everything from flatiron steak to Toulouse sausages and almond chocolate cake. 
Cost: $9 for a basic burger and $11 for a deluxe bacon cheeseburger. Call 323-871-2026 for pick-up.

Garlic Crab Fried Rice from Crustacean

Beverly Hills
Iconic Vietnamese chef Helene An keeps tight reins on anything made in her “secret kitchen,” but she’s unleashing these dishes beyond her family restaurant’s walls for the pandemic. Garlic noodles and whole garlic roasted Dungeness crab are particularly noteworthy. New additions include a dish that makes Dungeness crab dangerously easy to eat: fried rice starring sweet chunks of the West Coast’s most prized crustacean. Other newer pan-Asian preparations include misoyaki butterfish and whole Peking-style chicken.
Cost: $29, available for pick-up and delivery by texting 424-303-8108, calling 310-205-8990 or emailing

TV Dinners from Dear John’s

Culver City
This limited edition retro revival from chefs Hans Röckenwagner and Josiah Citrin updates dishes that celebrities like Frank Sinatra enjoyed decades ago. During the pandemic, they’re tapping into nostalgia with upscale TV dinners that arrive in compartmentalized aluminum trays with reheating instructions. Chicken Parm is a signature dish at the restaurant, with molten cheese in the middle. Steak au poivre with three-peppercorn Brandy sauce and Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy are similarly compelling and each come with two side dishes.
Cost: $19-$34, depending on the main course. Order through Rockenwagner Market website to schedule either pick-up or delivery.

Southern Thai dishes from Jitlada

Jazz Singsanong carries on her family’s fiery culinary legacy in a beloved strip mall location. LA’s most comprehensive southern Thai menu - 150 dishes deep - applies a “real chili, real spicy” touch to everything from tiger prawns to soft-shell crabs and lamb rack. Ingredients like bitter sator beans and deep-fried silkworms only add to the adventure, if you so choose, though more straightforward dishes like chicken wings served over turmeric fried rice and a fluffy omelet bursting with ground pork and green chiles are still compelling.
Cost: $12.95-$44.95. Call 323-667-9809 to schedule pick-up and order delivery through Grubhub.

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